Closed Abortion Clinic Was Drenched in Blood

Most of our people know that Troy Newman of Operation Rescue out of Wichita, KS has purchased an old abortion mill, the former Central Women’s Services, and will convert this former murder mill into his OR headquarters. But before cleaning it up he wanted to do some
surface tests
to check on the distribution of human blood which has been splashed around for the past 23 years.

Abortion Facility Drenched in Innocent Blood

The device they used is spray luminal which gives off a blue glow where it comes into contact with the residue of human blood. When the blue appears, cameras are used to form a record of where the blood is. Lights must be doused. They began filming in the recovery room where the baseboards and even the walls were spattered with blood. Some areas were sprayed with blood, while others had smeared blood where someone had tried to clean it up.

“The walls looked like there had been a chain saw massacre,” OR’s Cheryl Sullenger said. “We couldn’t believe our eyes. We did not expect to find that much blood in the recovery area. It appeared that the carpet had been laid after a very bloody event had taken place in that room.”

From there they moved into the first abortion operating room. The room was covered with blood spatter from floor to ceiling. The floor vent revealed particularly heavy amounts of blood.

“The blood spatter revealed a pattern that clearly showed the orientation of the abortion table and the location of the suction machine, but there was literally evidence of heavy blood spatter and smears everywhere,” Sullenger observed.

“And it is no wonder that abortion mills smell so nasty,” Sullenger said. “The blood simply flies during an abortion, and that stuff soaks into the dry wall and gets tracked into the carpet where it putrefies. There is no way to get rid of it aside from demolition. From what we observed there can be no thing such as a ‘safe, clean abortion clinic.’.”

The Eerie Glow of the Unborn’s Blood

A small closet contained the sink, and a large industrial garbage disposal. The disposal was an outmoded model, the Sinkmaster 850, ironically referred to as the ‘Bonecrusher 850,’ because of its ability to crush poultry bones and dispose of meat.

“That room lit up like a Christmas tree,” Sullenger said. “The entire area glowed with bright blue reflections indicating a thick presence of human blood.” What they hoped were only rust stains turned out to be thick coagulations of human blood and even human tissue. The soap dispenser was covered with blood, as well as the paper towel dispenser.

“I didn’t see a square inch of that closet that did not have heavy blood spatter. That room was a shop of horrors saturated with the blood of innocent children. Nothing is ever going to make me forget this,” said one of the investigators.

The second abortion operating room had an even heavier collection of blood than the first, and presented a clear outline of the abortion operating table. Only a blot of blood was found in the counseling room where records were kept.

The Voice of Blood

Sullenger said that as the blood evidence began to glow when the lights were turned out:

It was as if we were transported back in time to the moments when the killing occurred. And not just for the abortion of one innocent child, but for the brutal and bloody deaths of baby after baby after baby, all at once. It was a very overwhelming emotional and shocking experience. The blood of those innocent children murdered at that abortion mill literally cries out to anyone who enters the building since the smell of death is immediately overpowering.

But that night as we stood in those killing rooms amidst the visible evidence of their violent deaths, we heard their blood’s voice loud and clear. I think it caused us all to rededicate ourselves to God’s work of ending the barbarity of abortion.

Brenna Sullenger added, “It is just too horrifying to think about the babies that died so brutally there. It is not something you can witness and not be affected by.”

Read the whole story at Operation Rescue site. Tell your pro-abortion friends to take a look at what the baby-killers have been doing here in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

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