Battle Over South Dakota Law Heats Up

Illinois Family Institute President Peter La Barbera informs us that U. S. District Court Judge Elaine Bucklo, a Clinton appointee, has ruled that the Project Marriage Illinois referendum to establish that marriage is only between one man and one woman, is unconstitutionally burdensome to the citizens of Illinois.

Judge Won’t Let Illinoisans Vote on “Gay Marriage”

So Illinois citizens may not have a chance this fall to vote for traditional marriage over homosexual unions or sodomy.

Bucklo’s ruling is rushed and shallow and based on her own prejudice rather than on law and reason. However, with the help of the Alliance Defense Fund La Barbera plans to appeal Bucklo’s reckless ruling. So Stay tuned. We may get some sanity in this state yet.

More Apologies, Please

Fr. Thomas Euteneuer of Human Life International is impressed with Mel Gibson’s apology to Hollywood for saying bad things about the Jews and using bad language, and Father thinks that Hollywood should not only accept the apology and end their carping, but also make a few apologies of their own.

To wit: Martin Scorsese should apologize for giving the world the sacrilegious lie, “The Last Temptation of Christ.” Michael Eisner should apologize for the blasphemous movie, “Dogma.” The Weinstein brothers should strike their brotherly breasts and plead “Mea culpa” for their rotten attack on the Catholic clergy in the movie,”Priest.” Ronny Howard and Yusef Mohammed should grovel and plead for forgiveness for infesting our society us with the putrid mockery of religion with “The Da Vinci Code.”

Then there are the producers of the slimly, soul-killing MTV who really should apologize and try to make amends for their sorry excuse for entertainment, for their pornographic with the toxins and dirt that have been polluting the minds of our youth low these many years, and Jack Valenti needs to apologize for shooting down the Hays Production Code in 1968.

The Hays office had censored movies for many years and kept a lot of smut from reaching a lot of mid-century movie audiences. Its removal has been responsible in part for mega millions of mortal sins.

And how about slime like “Brokeback Mountain” glorifying the disgusting sin of sodomy? Don’t we all deserve an apology for having to hear about that incessantly?

Hollywood got Mel’s sincere apology, Father suggests, so why shouldn’t we get some apologies from them? Thanks, Faddah, but don’t hold your breath.

Battle Lines in South Dakota

Planned Parenthood is fighting hard to keep the South Dakota anti-abortion law, now known as “Referred Law 6,” from becoming the law of the South Dakota in November. Planned Parenthood runs the only abortion facility operating in the state, and it is desperate to keep it operating, so Planned Parenthood is sponsoring the “Campaign to Defeat Referred Law 6.”

At the same time, the Diocese of Sioux Falls has begun an organized prayer campaign to get a “yes” vote on the “Women’s Health and Human Life Protection Act, HB 1215” as it is known by lawmakers. The Diocese is distributing a prayer card throughout the stat and a statewide group called “Vote Yes for Life” is leading a campaign to counter Planned Parenthood’s efforts, and has produced a powerful video expressing women’s views on the horrors of abortion.

Say some prayers of your own that the babies win one in South Dakota.

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