Recent Cases Expose Malpractice and Mayhem at Abortuaries

The abortion industry is having problems with sanitation, botched abortions and other abuses that are closing them down in record numbers. The latest crisis is the discovery of the body of a three pound dead baby in a biohazard bag in a mill in Hialeah, Florida.

Police Investigate Botched Abortion

The discovery was phoned into the Hialeah Police homicide unit by someone inside the clinic. The police are investigating the gruesome discovery to determine whether the baby was born alive and then killed by someone in the clinic or simply left to die.

Last Thursday a young woman who was 22 weeks pregnant, went to the Gynecologists Diagnostic Center in Hialeah for an abortion. She returned to the facility the next day in excruciating pain. While waiting to see the doctor, she gave birth in the clinic recovery room.

After the police arrived the aborted baby’s body cold not be found, but during a second investigation later that night they found the body in the biohazard bag. The baby was thirteen inches long.

There is suspicion of foul play. No charges have been filed as of this report, but the abortuary has been closed during the investigation.

Clinics Shut Down for Deplorable Conditions

This is one more macabre tale in the growing reports of abortion clinic mayhem. In May, an abortion facility in Birmingham, AL was closed for a botched abortion, and has since been permanently closed.

In June, Troy Newman of Operation Rescue closed and then purchased an abortuary in Wichita, KS and he found such deplorable conditions inside the clinic that he triggered an investigation into other local abortion facilities.

In Chula Vista, CA an abortionist is being investigated for crushing the skull of a baby he was delivering. He is the fifth abortionists at the Chula Vista facility to undergo an investigation. Four of the abortionists have already been stripped of their medical licenses, and one quit doing abortions and left town.

Years ago in Chicago a number of abortion clinic were closed in the aftermath of a newspaper series on the deplorable conditions in Chicago’s abortion clinics. The Chicago Sun-Times 21-part-series was headlined, “The Abortion Profiteers.”

The abortion clinic turned out to be so bad that the Sun-Times stopped running its full page of abortion clinic ads. Several Chicago abortuaries have closed since that series, and if routine health inspections were made, there would be more closings of these charnel houses.

But abortion clinics get preferential treatment, and it is virtually impossible to get anyone to inspect their sleazy operations and deplorable conditions. During their expose, the Sun-Times got nervous and had to do a puff piece on the “good clinics.” It was sickening. Abortionists routinely get away with murder.

Abortion Linked to Premature Birth, Cancer

A recent report by the Institute of Medicine, a committee of the National Academies of Science in Washington DC, says a first trimester abortion is an invitation for future premature births and breast cancer. Premature birth leads to a host of problems including cerebral palsy for the child and breast cancer for the mother.

Almost 13 percent of all births are premature—that is, before 37 weeks gestation. In 2005 alone premature births cost the U. S. $26.2 billion dollars. At least sixty significant studies support the fact that abortion is a prime factors in prematurely.

The breast cancer link is conclusive because cancer-susceptible tissue does not change into cancer resistant tissue until the last eight weeks of a full term pregnancy. When the pregnancy is terminated early, the cancer-susceptible tissue remains, and the cancer begins to grow.

Pro-aborts adamantly deny this fact and someday will have to answer for the deaths they have caused by not warning women of these well proven facts..

Freak of the Week

In our Freak of the Week column we draw attention to pro-abort state legislators who turn white with fear at the thought of “Choose Life” license plates. How dare anyone propose choosing life when it’s abortion these moral cowards favor.

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