“Thou Shalt Not Kill!”—Any Questions?

As we’ve often said, it must be terrible to have no absolutes, such as the Ten Commandments to give you consistency and stability for your moral compass. If you have nothing to go on but sentiment, expediency and what the crowd decides, you’re going nowhere. You’re a reed blowing in the wind, a weather vane, and a chameleon turning the color of the object it’s standing on.

“Thou Shalt Not Kill”—It’s That Simple

We’ve been reading comments by great thinkers who can’t see any reason for not experimenting on and destroying embryonic stem cells. Karin Allen writes that not using them to “potentially further scientific knowledge” is immoral and reprehensible. Dick Jacoby thinks that if you kill apes and insects, you should surely be allowed to kill embryonic stem cells, in the service of saving lives.

But some of the commentators see the connection between use of these cells and abortion. George Price of Chicago says since some people believe killing these embryos is murder, those who don’t should support their use with private funds and not force those who believe it is murder have their taxes used for it. George isn’t pro-life, but he’s using some logic.

Ron Olson of Aurora has no problem with their use, but sees it as an abortion issue, and Michael Carr of Chicago says if Bush supported embryonic stem cell experiments he’d have trouble opposing legal abortion on strictly moral grounds.

The main argument for using embryonic human stem cells is that they will be thrown away anyway, so go ahead and use them so some good might come from their use. In other words, the end justifies the means.

If these good people had a consistent ethic, they would see that what the scientists and Democrats, and even a few Republicans want is so useful that they can violate a basic moral law: you don’t kill innocent human beings and use their parts to cure someone else. Yet they wouldn’t want someone to do that to them. It’s the time-honored slogan, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Besides, “Thou shalt not kill ” is not a suggestion, but it is a basic principle by which civilized people are supposed to live, and Godly people must live. Nazi doctors used the pragmatic argument that prisoners were going to be killed anyway, so why not experiment on them before they were killed? And you know what we think about them.

But people are confused, without absolutes. It is sad. There is no question in the world about the morality of using embryonic stem cells for experiments that will destroy them. It is cold blooded murder.

Frankly, if destroying one single embryonic stem cell would provide cures for every disease known to man, and for all future generations, it would be wrong, and totally forbidden, to do it. It’s just that simple. We may not do evil that good may come from it. Next.

Two More Planned Parenthood Clinics CLOSED

Fr. Joe Klee in Ohio informs us that due to lack of funds, two Planned Parenthood clinics in Ohio are closed, as part of a national trend, we hope!. The towns closing their facilities are Chillicothe and Jackson, Ohio. Good.

But Pro-Lifers will not be happy until all government support of Planned Parenthood, the largest provider of abortion in the world, is removed for good. Besides providing abortions, their contraception and sex ed programs stink to high heaven.

Listen Faster!

We have gotten a complaint that we talk too fast on the telephone edition of this Action News Hotine. Maybe, but it is calculated to make callers “listen hard.”

I try to slow down, or repeat, phone numbers, but my delivery can be blamed on an old radio news commentator, Walter Winchell, who always started his program with “Mr. And Mrs. North America and all the ships at sea, lets go to press. Flash—” and then Winchell was off and running. You had to listen hard to get it all, and you did listen.

I’ll try to slow down, but not much. If you miss something, call back, or read the Hotline at our website. Or write and tell me to slow down. I probably won’t,. but it doesn’t hurt to try.

“Contraception Is Not the Answer” Pro-Life Conference

Mark you calendar for our daring attempt to show how destructive contraception is, in a conference September 22 and 23 at the Crown Plaza Hotel at O’Hare. You’ll want to attend this historic event, I promise you.

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