A Quick Overview: Seventh Annual Truth Tour

It is late Saturday night as I put out this Action News, after completing our Seventh Annual Summer Face The Truth Tour, and coming into the office following our gala Truth Tour Party in the Scheidler Backyard.

Great Tour Despite Mundelein Police

The Tour was a roaring success, with only one bad blip when multiple officious police in the Village of Mundelein kicked us off public property with a specious order that marches and assemblies in their fair city had to get a permit to use their first amendment rights. We are neither a marching group nor an assembly, but believe the ordinance is unconstitutional even if we were.

We left Mundelein on the advice of our Lawyer, Tom Brejcha, so that we could continue our tour without losing all our signs and having to bail-out 75 people from the Mundelein village lock-up. Many were perfectly willing to be arrested for the cause of life, but are promised by Tom that we will sue the village police for denying us our First Amendment rights. So stay tuned.

Deception from the Pro-Abort Chickens

The rest of the tour was a breeze. On Wednesday we covered three overpasses in downtown Chicago, reaching at least 18,000 drivers and many passengers besides pedestrian traffic. In Daley Plaza we passed out thousands of flyers and lined Washington Street and completely encircled the block.

The Socialist passed out a libelous sheet containing some of my statements to try, unsuccessfully, to make me appear anti-Semitic, anti-gay, anti-woman. My statements were mostly accurate, but a statement attributed to Fay Clayton is clearly libelous and deceptive. The nervous Nellies removed their name and phone number from of the flyer half way through its distribution. Chickens. My lawyers are looking into this, too.

Sun-Times’ Steinberg Writes on the Tour

I was interviewed for the Chicago Sun-Times by Columnist Neil Steinberg who is always wrong on almost every issue, but I challenged him to write a non-biased article, and he did pretty well. It appeared in Friday’s Sun-Times and though he attempts to put us down he can’t help but notice the obvious zeal and better planning of pro-life activists over the listless, unfocused aimless pro-aborts.

The article isn’t half bad and we will discuss it further on our next Action News. But for now accept this rapid round-up as this weekend’s Action News.

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