Truth Tours Vital To Pro-Life Mission

Two days on the road reassures us that Truth Tours are a vital part of the Pro-Life mission.

Truth Tour Saved Baby Two Years Ago

So far our six stops have been a catalyst for a young women revealing that she was saved from an abortion two years ago when she saw our pictures along the highway and decided against an abortion. She now has a beautiful little girl and is on the eve of her marriage to the father. She is so grateful for having seen come across our tour that she had to stop and tell us “Thanks!”

Many others gave us thumbs up, shouted “God Bless You,” and “Thank you for coming to our town.”

These testimonies make the foul words and obscene gestures and throwing of objects at us of no importance. But it is significant that most of those who shout at us use foul and disgusting language. It is reassuring to know that those who hate being confronted with the reality of abortion, are for the most part people you would not want your kids to invite home for the weekend.

Truth Tour Thrown Out of Mundelein

Our first stop Saturday at Libertyville was a howling success and the Libertyville people were mostly civilized, but when we got to Mundelein, named for a famous Chicago Cardinal and home to the Archdiocesan Major Seminary and beautiful Marytown, the village’s finest came out like gangbusters and told us we would have to get off Town Line and Lake-Cook Roads immediately or we would be arrested and locked up.

Seems their village has an unconstitutional ordinance that says you have to have a permit to hold a parade or an assembly on your own public property. While a Truth Tour is not a parade or an assembly, but a carefully spread out static line of informational photographs, the First Amendment to the U. S. Constitution gives us a right to be there.

It is more than questionable if villages can make laws that violate well- established First Amendment rights. The police above all have as their first and most important obligation the protecting of the public’s right to these freedoms—speech, assembly, redress of grievances and religion. Mundelein’s finest enforce an ordinance that violates those freedoms.

The League will file suit to make sure that this ordinance is stricken from the books wherever it raises its ugly unconstitutional head. Stay Tuned.

We hated to walk away from the streets of Mundelein, but wanted to continue our tour. We had already gotten in 45 minutes, so we headed for a great feast at Dan Gura’s home. He fed seventy of us.

So we complied, but only to build a stronger case. It hurt to walk away from our life saving program but as General Douglas said when leaving Bataan, “I shall return!” He did, and so will we.

The next stop Saturday; Barrington, was without incident, as were the three stops Monday in Rockford. While the turn-out in Rockford was not as large as in previous years, at one time numbering well over one-hundred, the fifty stalwarts who came out were the cream of the crop, and some who could not come set us up with a magnificent lunch at the Golden Corral.

Join Us on the Truth Tour

If you want to do something that saves babies and saves the mental and moral health of their mothers, join us on the streets and highways of Illinois the next five days. If you can’t make it we’ll understand, but don’t dredge up the lame excuse that children might see these pictures and be scarred for life.

All the people I know who saw the pictures when they were little kids have grown up to be strong, level-headed perfectly normal pro-lifers, like my seven. And people who saw the pictures as children tell us that exposure to the truth of abortion has kept them from ever considering abortion now that they are adults.

Kids are not bothered by these pictures the way skittish adults think they are. Kids can take it. And they should know what we have done to fifty-million of their generation. It’s the adults with guilty consciences who can’t take it. Fifty million murders and we’re supposed to keep quiet about it. Sorry, but you’re talking to the wrong people.

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