Reviewing the Pitches of Pro-Abort Groups

The League Directors and much of our staff will be out on the Summer Truth Tour Saturday, September 8 through Saturday, September 15, so there will be only two more Hotline reports, Tuesday and Friday, during the Tour.

Some Reading from the Pro-Abort Groups

We have been reading the opponents’ sorry literature and it is truly sad stuff. The Illinois Planned Parenthood Council in Springfield is scared over South Dakota’s anti-abortion law and other states on the brink of outlawing abortion, Planned Parenthood’s Action Fund out of New York is doing surveys in hopes their followers are still solidly pro-abortion, anti-religion, etc., and Planned Parenthood Chicago Area is doing a lot of testing of disgusting sexually transmitted venereal diseases. Yuk.

The ACLU has an expensive and most impressive package asking all kinds of questions about your needs and wishes and brags about how they’re protecting your rights to live like a pig and then be sure to show your gratitude by leaving them all your money when you die. The big, new, national ACLU slogan is, “I Refuse to Turn Over my Freedom.” Who wants it?

You’d think Abraham Lincoln was on the board of The ACLU of Illinois the way they quote him throughout their Illinois Brief. Poor Abe. He’d probably roll over in his grave if he knew the ACLU likes him.

Meanwhile, the Center for Reproductive Rights is protecting its members’ right to kill babies, and by George they’ll go right on protecting those rights if you will just empty your pockets into their kitty.

The People for the American Way are still maligning the Religious Right and attacking Pat Robertson and his kind so you won’t be forced into believing anything you don’t want to believe. They also go after Jerry Farwell, James Dobson, Phyllis Schlafly, Lou Sheldon—you get the drift—those people who might urge you to do good and avoid evil. How dare they suggest such a thing!? Now please turn over your checking account right away.

And NARAL Pro-Choice America just wants lots and lots of abortion pills to be made available over the counter. They have a picture of Nancy Keenan and party delivering boxes of petitions to Congress.

Excommunication for ES Cell Researchers?

Our old friend Cardinal Alfonso Lopez Trujillo who heads up the Christian Family organization in Rome, says scientists engaging in embryonic stem cell research using human embryos should be excommunicated from the Catholic Church just like women and doctors are who take part in a procured abortion. Our thoughts exactly.

But one wimpy leading politician in Italy who opposes the suggestion says, “It should ‘t be done in a punitive, castigatory or burn-in-hell sort of way.” Pray, why not?

“Gay Marriage” Prospects

Gay marriage proponents are worried about their marital future as high courts in both Georgia and New York have said their state constitutions don’t allow for same-sex marriage. New York’s court held that a ban against same-sex marriage is legal, and Georgia upheld an amendment banning same-sex marriage.

In Illinois, the plan to get a ban on the ballot in November has been temporarily derailed by apparently not having enough valid signatures, even though they’ve submitted 330,000. A 19% sample 64,000 signatures showed 91% valid, but the requirement is 95%. Peter LaBarbera of the Illinois Family Institute who is pushing for the referendum, is challenging the review. He says the effort is far from over.

Pro-Life Victory in Mexico

Pro-lifers in Mexico are celebrating the election of Felipe Calderon as new President of Mexico. Heading the National Action Party, Calderon is a devout, conservative Catholic, a daily Mass attendee, and is firmly against abortion, birth control, homosexual activity and euthanasia. His opponent, Manuel Obrador, of the Democratic Revolution Party, which supports abortion and was slated to win, is finding it hard to accept defeat and wants another recount.

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