Billionaire Gates Explains Support for Pro-Abortion Causes

Pope Leo XIII said that as a person who excludes God from his life becomes a diseased tree that will yield only bad fruit, so a society that excludes God from its customs and laws causes countless evils and inflicts serious harm on its citizens.

Driving Christ Out of the Church

Any country that tries to banish religion will be poorly governed and aimless in its pursuits. When God is driven out, the moral system collapses and merely human values and norms replace truth and goodness. That Government and that society becomes evil and deceptive. The light goes out, and the nation is in darkness.

What emerges is the inevitable downward spiral producing epidemics of divorce, drugs, promiscuity, contempt for morality, and abortion. If God is not personally recognized by a society, that society becomes dehumanized.

This is why it is now more important than ever for the individual citizen do everything possible to bring God back into the dying society, on every level that he can. We must be the salt and light that leads others back through the dark night of a godless nation into the Truth. We have to show by our own lives that a society is more human, more cheerful, more honest and more caring, the closer it is to God.

Life is more worth living the closer we are as a nation, to the light of Christ. Even though America is a Christian nation, godless people on every level of society are working diligently to remove God from our government, from the Schools, from the workplace, and even from the Churches.

We say from the Churches, and if you doubt that, consider the efforts being made by many church leaders to bring religion into conformity with evils like gay marriage, abortion and contraception.

A recent example of driving God out of society is the 75th General Convention of the Episcopal Church recently held in Columbus, Ohio. The House of Deputies overwhelmingly refused to consider a resolution affirming that Jesus Christ is the only name by which a person may be saved. Delegates voted 675 to 242 against the resolution. That’s 70% against declaring Christ to 30% for Him as Savior.

If Christians can’t acknowledge Christ as their Savior, why call themselves Christian? The Episcopalian Church is clearly coming apart, as are almost all main-line Protestant Churches. And liberal Jews have been lost for generations.

Billionaire Gates Backs Population Control

Concerning the Billionaire Twins—Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates and everything else billionaire Warren Buffet—Buffet is so enamored of Gates’ give-away programs that he is turning over some 30 of his billions for Gates to distribute. Only trouble with all these billions going to charity is that some of the charities are for abortion, contraception and population control.

Seems Gates got his inspiration for funding pro-abortion population control measures from his dad. Says Gates:

When I was growing up, my parents were always involved in volunteering. My Dad was head of Planned Parenthood, whack was very controversial. At the dinner table my parents shared these things with us and treated us like adults.

So Gates was moved by arguments in favor of reproductive family planning issues. He was excited to find you could , “go in and educate women about their different choices. . . . There’s real impact that you can have in this area.”

He is excited by anything to do with reproductive “health.” He says he was once a Malthusian—with all that stuff about useless eaters— and still believes that by improving peoples’ health and education, “population will decrease as parents will decide to have fewer children.”

Gates still has an irrational fear of overpopulation. Thus, off go the billions . . . to pro-aborts. How sad.

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