Polls Show Christians Don’t Realize Contraception Is Not the Answer

I was in New York City Thursday to address 400 stalwart Catholics protesting Sony on Madison Avenue, its being the distributor of Ron Howard’s blasphemous movie, “The DaVinci Code.” The protest was sponsored by “America Needs Fatima,” an arm of the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property.

TFP Protests Sony in New York

The two-hour rally was prompted by Archbishop Angelo Amato, of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, who urged Catholics worldwide to organize protests against the film’s calumnies, offences and theological and even historical errors regarding Jesus, the Gospels and the Church. The American TFP has protested at more than two thousand US theatres.

Founded in 1973, the TFP promotes and defends the Church’s teachings and traditions. Under threatening skies the crowd recited fifteen decades of the Rosary, heard four talks, held a crowing ceremony of the Lady of Fatima, said two litanies, sang many sacred songs and chanted slogans, such as: “Everyone therefore that shall confess me before men , I will also confess him before my Father in Heaven.”

Yours truly spoke on the evil of desecrating sacred objects and persons, and especially the moral insanity of attacking the very source of man’s salvation, Jesus Christ and His Church. Mocking the Sacred, I pointed out, is a sign of one’s grave lack of faith, and can lead to one’s spiritual destruction, while also dragging other souls down with him. The Catholic Church will, of course, long outlive all these persecution, while its persecutors will sink into oblivion.

It was an honor to stand with the “Saints on the Sidewalks of New York” once again—we had been in New York at Christmas, picketing the American Girl Doll Store on Fifth Avenue—and join one of our favorite organizations, the TFP. Other speakers were Preston Noelle, Jason Jones, Robert Ritchie, and Joe D’Agostino. Before leaving New York we visited St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

Gay Pride Sunday in Chicago

Chicago was the victim of yet another Gay Pride Parade Sunday. We have always wondered what’s to be proud of? A strong spiritual battle to overcome the disorder of homosexuality and become saints would be a cause for pride, but certainly not the disorder itself. Resisting the temptation to submit to this disorder and fight valiantly to be chaste, would be a victory to be proud of.

But unfortunately this Parade is all about complicity with evil and that is nothing to be proud of but something to elicit shame. So we pray that they will see their disorder as something to resist, and learn that in resisting, they will become holy.

Contraception Is Not the Answer

Speaking of disorders, a recent poll by the Wall Street Journal and Harris Interactive sent us by Chris Slattery who runs 14 pregnancy resource centers in New York, tells us that, while American Catholics in the 1960’s were 70% opposed to all forms of contraception, now 88% of Catholics believe contraception should be widely available and 81% of modern day Catholics believe birth control limits the number of abortions.

Wrong. Contraception increases the number abortions.

More than half of Catholics favor use of the morning after pill, which is an abortifacient. Three-fourths of all Americans think birth control should be free to the poor, while 58% of those polled support the morning after pill, an abortifacient, and 62% would violate a pharmacist’s right of conscience and force him to dispense abortifacient pills.

Catholics were no better than the general populations on these opinions. The good guys are the Born Agains: 89% of them favor abstinence as the best way to avoid pregnancy, for instance. But even 39% of them support over the counter contraception sales.

We generously invite them all to attend our “Contraception is not the Answer” conference being held right here in Chicago on Sept. 22 and 23. They may learn a thing or two, and discover just how wrong they are.

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