Illinois Sex Ed Program Backed by Playboy

Staff of the Pro-Life Action League joined nearly fifty other activists outside the Playboy Headquarters on Lake Shore Drive Thursday evening to protest a gala being held there to raise money for the new sex education programs to be taught in Chicago Public Schools. It says something about the caliber and quality of the upcoming program to find that Playboy is having a part in its content.

Sex Ed Program Linked to Playboy

Playboy has probably done as much as any corporate entity to bring down the morals and wreck the character of our young men and destroy the quality of life in this country, with its dirty magazine and clubs and sleaze. It has managed to ruin lives and relationships and even marriages, with its smorgasbord of pornography. Only the Lord knows how many millions of mortal sins this organizational is responsible for.

Playboy has linked up with something called the Illinois Campaign for Responsible Sex Education, tied in with the Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health and Planned Parenthood Chicago Area. They will dodge the only really effective and decent program to save adolescents from disease, unplanned pregnancies and heartbreak—and that’s abstinence—and with their permissive instruction will make sure our young people wind up living like rutting hogs.

They point out that already 50 % of new AIDS cases are among youth under 25, that 40% of gonorrhea and Chlamydia cases are among teens, and that 18,000 births occur each year to girls in their teens. Under their permissive programs we can be sure these statistics will grow.

They like to blame these figures on the failure of abstinence. They are forever bawling that abstinence doesn’t work. The truth is that it is the only thing that works. It worked for the ones who put it into practice. In any event, Peter LaBarbara held a great picket with lots of young people, and the media stayed home. They don’t know a good story when they see it.

Planned Parenthood’s Disclaimer

Planned Parenthood Chicago Area’s advice to its pill users is something horrible to behold. In selling its abortifacient morning-after pills it has to have the girls and women sign a pledge that they won’t hold Planned Parenthood responsible for giving them the pills no matter what happens to them, such as nausea, vomiting, bleeding, dizziness sudden pain, strong cramps, fainting, clots and pieces of tissue in the blood. Some pills! Talk about disgusting.

Still a Racketeer

Incidentally, we went into the Federal District Court on Thursday to get our RICO case dismissed, as ordered by the United States Supreme Court. But Fay Clayton pulled another fast one by saying she had not had time to look over the order of dismissal, and that she had some problems and wanted more time to think it over. So Judge David Coar gave her two more weeks to compose herself.

Consequently, yours truly is still a convicted Federal Racketeer—at least until June 22. And if we know Fay, she’ll pull another stunt and this thing may drag on for, as Judge Coar suggested, “another twenty years.” We did, however, sign and file some papers that may in time get our house out of hock. We’ve got our fingers crossed.

Pro-Aborts Defeated in SD

In South Dakota four of the congressmen who voted against the strict abortion ban were defeated in the primary. In Ohio an anti-abortion bill will be heard on June 13. In Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco says she will sign the conditional abortion ban soon. And in most state a candidate’s position on abortion is becoming the hot political issue.

Same Old Lies from Roe Apologists

In Friday’s Chicago Sun-Times Lorie Chaitaen of the ACLU Reproductive Rights Project tried to answer John O’Sullivan’s brilliant article on the real meaning of the 1973 abortion rulings. Her effort to unravel his brilliant and accurate explanation of Roe and Doe fails miserably as she trots out the old lies that there really are restrictions on later-term abortions and that the reason for most abortions is women’s inability to get contraceptives.

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