Pro-Aborts in Denial about the Victims of Abortion

Wednesday’s Truth Tour at the Daley Plaza featured a corridor of graphic signs and a massive leaflet hand out. Reaction to our presence was mostly positive, with a number of thumbs-up, congratulations, a few donations and lots of hand shakes. A small group of pro-aborts held their usual grouchy signs and had a leaflet trying to discredit our photographs of aborted babies.

Feckless Pro-Aborts Don’t Like Our Pictures

It seems strange that they want people to think there really isn’t much of a victim in an abortion, and try to diminish its humanity by comparing it to water and describing a first trimester abortion as a “gentle suction—like the old dental suction used to clear saliva from your mouth.” Don’t they wish. Try 39 times the power of a vacuum sweeper.

They describe the embryo or fetus as a “watery tissue.” Once again, don’t they wish. They’d better hope their readers have never seen the fetal display at the Museum of Science and Industry. There’s a real, little, recognizable human being there and he’s no spoonful of water.

But people who support the killing of unborn children are not good at discovering the truth. Their “facts” come from the Pomegranate Radical Health Collective, their leaflet says.

The pro-aborts have been trying to fool the public for years that there’s nobody there, but facts are facts and all the facts are on our side. The pro-aborts hate our picture proving that abortion is murder, but having no pictures of their own they try to disparage our well-documented ones. Those really are babies, guys.

The second stop was scheduled in front of the Art Institute, but the rain came down in torrents and our battered signs would have taken too much of a beating for quick repairs, so that leg of our tour was canceled. Our next Truth Day will be June 14, Flag Day. Try to make it.

FDA Urged To Pull Dangerous Abortion Pill

Republican legislators are urging federal regulators to halt the sale of RU- 486, the French abortion pill. During a hearing on the five deaths already linked to its use, Republican Congressman Mark Souder of Indiana said there is a serious problem with RU- 486 and that the problem must be addressed.

Rep. Jean Schmidt, Republican from Ohio criticized the Food and Drug Administration for refusing to withdraw the pill despite there deaths. Souder said it never should have been approved in the first place. Souder is chairman of the drug policy subcommittee that held the hearings.

Democrats and other pro-aborts assailed the hearings as an effort to inject politics into a serious public health debate. RU-486 is taken up to 49 days after a pregnancy has begun, and the drug will kill the unborn child. About half a million American women have used this lethal drug.

So far nearly a thousand serious side effects from the drug have been reported, including nine life-threading incidents, 232 hospitalizations and 116 cases of heavy bleeding that required transfusions, not to mention almost a hundred cases of infection. The drug has been legal in America since 2000. This plague-pill must be removed from the market.

Da Vinci Panned in the Trib

Did you see the panning the poor old The Da Vinci Code movie got in Thursday’s Chicago Tribune? Even the headline set in 30 point type calls it a “DUD.” The report from the critics at the 59th Cannes Film Festival used words like “long and boring,” with “light and cool applause,” engendering “hostility” because of “an oppressively talky film that isn’t exactly dull, but comes as close to it as one could imagine.”

Michael Phillip’s review says even Mona Lisa would frown at this long, boring film. Phrases abound like:

  • “a treasure hunt with characters devoid of character”
  • “It sets some sort of record for number of endings in a single picture. I counted 666.”
  • “a flashflood worth of flashbacks” and
  • “a flashback fire sale”

Phillips says a lot more about how BAD it is, but his rating says it all : one-and-a-half stars. Good. If you’re going to mock the Catholic Church, you ought to get panned. Roger Ebert, however, liked it , and gave it three stars. Wonder what Siskel thinks about it?

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