Canadian Pro-Lifer Attacked by Crazed Pro-Abort

Wednesday’s Truth Tour was successful despite a light turnout. We held the graphic pictures on Wacker Drive for an hour-and-a-half near the Civic Opera House, and again on Lake Shore Drive.

Truth Day Report

Some participants reported more support than usual, and yours truly had only five or six hateful remarks straight from the abortion handbook, such as “How many unwanted children have you adopted?” ” Why aren’t these children in school?” and “That’s disgusting.” But we got many “God bless you for doing this work,” and even a little cash contribution.

At the Lake Shore site a police sergeant seemed overly concerned about the safety of the children holding signs, but all in all it was a successful Holy Week Truth Tour. Our next Truth Day is May 17.

Canadian Pro-Lifer Attacked

In Vancouver BC last week, pro-life demonstrator Rose Mawhorter, a member of Campaign Life Coalition BC, was holding a graphic sign across the street from the infamous Everywoman’s Health Center abortion clinic, when she was attacked from behind by a crazed female pro-abort.

The woman assailant ripped Rose’s sign from around her neck, tore up the sign and threw the pieces into traffic, then ran away as fast as she could, screaming at the top of her voice. However, the entire attack was caught on video, and the tape was turned over to Vancouver Police who easily identified the suspect.

Rose had her wrist cut and suffered multiple bruises during the attack, but was able to go back to her post. She says the incident will not deter her from going out to the abortuary on a regular basis.

Campaign Life President for British Columbia, John Hof, said that Rose “will return to her post again Friday and invites anyone who would like to discuss this issue to come and speak with her.”

“Violence can never be considered an option,” Rose said. “Social justice movements almost inevitably face violent resistance when they successfully challenge accepted injustice. This will be no different for the pro-life movement when we begin to effectively confront our society’s sin.”

Our hat is off to Rose and pro-life defenders like her, who risk the wrath of the pro-aborts to go out and save the unborn. May her tribe increase.

Easter Is Upon Us

We wish all our Action News readers a very Holy Triduum and Glorious Easter.

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