Democrats Back Off Abortion, Advocate Contraception

Be sure to make your Holy Week even holier by attending the Pro-Life Action League’s April Truth Day Wednesday. There are only two sites, from 7:30 to 9:00 a.m. at Madison and Wacker Drive to greet the workers coming into Chicago by train, and from 10:00 to 11:30 on Lake Shore Drive. Can you think of a better way to launch into the Triduum than by teaching the value of human life to your neighbor? See you there.

Dems Back Off Abortion, Embrace Contraception

Dumb and dumber: Word out of Washington is that Democrats, recognizing that abortion is no longer a win issue, as if it ever was, are going to downplay legal child killing in their upcoming bid for election victories. Instead they are going to strongly advocate and promote contraception. According to a news report in The Hill Top, Democratic strategists say abortion has become a liability for Democrats so they’re going to turn to contraception to make voters love them.

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, for instance, is sponsoring a bill that would make all health insurance plans pay for birth control drugs and devices. This “Prevention First Act” would require the federal health department to provide information on the morning after pill to all health care providers and would require all hospitals that get any federal funds, including Catholic hospitals, to give the drugs to rape victims.

Have they lost their minds? Don’t they know what they’re getting themselves into?

Abortionist Tiller Commits Hit and Run

Poor George Tiller of Wichita abortion infamy. No doubt preoccupied with the pending grand jury investigation against him, he drove into pro-lifer Mark Geitzen last week while exiting his abortion mill. Geitzen was hit in the leg while trying to get out of the way of Tiller’s speeding Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Geitzen said, “I turned to see Tiller coming right at me. In that moment I couldn’t decide to jump to the right or to the left. I was kind of like a deer caught in the headlights.” Tiller sped away from the scene, but Geitzen said there was plenty of room for Tiller to have gone around him in the thirty-two foot wide driveway. “There is no doubt that he intentionally hit me,” Geitzen reported.

Geitzen is president of Kansas Coalition for Life, one of the groups involved in the effort to convene a grand jury to probe Tiller’s part in the abortion death of 19-year-old Kristin Gilbert. Troy Newman of Operation Rescue says Tiller is out of control and is a danger to the community.

Referendum Seeks To Overturn SD Abortion Bad

A group in South Dakota calling itself “The Campaign for Healthy Families,” sponsored by Planned Parenthood, NARAL and the ACLU, is running all over the state gathering signatures for a petition to put the new law to stop most abortions up for a public referrendum in the fall. The pro-aborts need only 17,000 signatures to get the petition on the ballot, and nobody doubts that they can manage that paltry number.

A Los Angeles Times story Monday says the petitions are going well and that the pro-aborts are being energized as they get even some so-called personally-opposed people to sign their petitions. Some of these signers say while they believe abortion is the taking of human life, it should still be a family matter and that women should have the right to choose. Meanwhile, very few abortions are being done in the state’s only abortion clinic.

While the law is to go into effect July 1, the Times writer says the petition drive puts the law on hold until November. U.S. Congressman Roger Hunt, sponsor of the new law, expects a pro-life victory in the referendum; while a poll commissioned by the pro-aborts in March indicated that the law will be overturned by the referendum. We think the law will stand, but we’ll see.

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