Morton Kondracke Ought To READ Roe v. Wade

Happy feast of the Annunciation March 25, the Pro-Life Feast honoring the presence of Jesus in the womb of Mary at the moment of His conception through the power of the Holy Spirit. Christ’s human life began at the moment of conception, and so does every human life.

Convert from Islam Faces Death

Did you read the story about Abdul Rahman, the Afghan Muslim who converted to Christianity? He is presently on trial for his dastardly crime of conversion and faces the death penalty, the usual punishment for conversion. Talk about religious tolerance!

Even the judge, who claims to be broadminded and a respecter of all religions, says that if Abdul doesn’t denounce his Christianity and return to Islam, he will be punished. And the Judge adds, “The punishment is death.”

Abdul does not appear ready to recant, and has gone out of his way to notify everyone of his new religion. His own father has denounced him as “useless.” Scary. Stay tuned.

Ivins Column Spawns Letters

No less than seven letters on the subject of abortion appeared Tuesday in the Chicago Tribune on a May 9 column by Molly Ivins, who dearly loves abortion. She was ranting about the South Dakota law, recently signed by the Governor, outlawing most abortions there. Molly got carried away, but her article did engender lots of response.

Tuesday’s letters mostly comment on some of the letters in response to the article. Mike King of Shorewood for instance, attacks a letter by Nathan and Mary Crawford who say that allowing abortion for rape simply covers up the crime and keeps the rapist from being found out. Mike thinks the reasoning is crass.

Seth Robey of Forest Park concludes that if you don’t like abortion it’s a certain sign that you only care about the fetus and not the born child. And so they go, most letters favoring Ivins’ view that South Dakota is wrong in passing a law prohibiting most abortions. We love the South Dakota law.

No Pro-Lifer To Face Blago

As to the recent elections, we did it again. Conservatives shot their foot off with two pro-life Republican candidates for Governor to split the vote so a pro-abortion Republican candidate, Judy Baar Topinka, can get the nod to compete with the pro-abortion Democrat this fall. If only the conservative Republicans, Jim Oberweis and Bill Brady could have made a deal and melded their votes Judie would be licking her wounds and we would have a good pro-lifer running against Blago.

Dream on. Seems that’s just the way it always is in Illinois pro-life politics.

Kondracke Ought To Read Roe

The way it isn’t, is the way Morton Kondracke reasons in a Commentary appearing in Wednesday’s Chicago Sun Times, “Will anti-abortion Republicans stir up Roe Rage?” It’s a cute title but that’s where the article’s wisdom ends.

Kondracke’s logic is that Republicans better hope Roberts and Alito are pro-abortion after all, because if they aren’t, and Bush gets to appoint a fifth vote to overturn Roe, it will rouse the mighty pro-abortion sleeping giant of moderate Republicans, and along with the abortion-loving Democrats it will be the end of the Republican presidency for the next generation.

We began questioning the article the second we saw that Kondracke had not bothered to open the pages of Roe v. Wade or Doe v. Bolton, even after thirty-three years and hasn’t a clue as to what it really says. When we read, “Polls overwhelmingly indicate that Americans favor retention of Roe,” it’s a dead give-away.

Almost nobody really favors Roe after learning how absolutely all-encompassing it is, allowing abortion up to the day of birth for any reason or no reason. Why won’t they read the 1973 decision, so that they can stop believing the big lie that everyone supports it? How can you support what you don’t even understand?

Fortunately, the League has launched a campaign to force these bright lights to start learning what they’re trying to talk about. After 33 years, don’t you think it is about time?

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