Abortion Clinic Guard Scared by a Christmas Card

The sad news this Ides is the death of one of our great pro-life giants, Dr. Victor Rosenblum, one of those rare and fascinating people in our movement—a liberal Democrat, a devout Jew, and a tireless pro-life activist.

A Tribute to Victor Rosenblum

We have known Victor for three decades and greatly admired his efforts to stop legal abortion in its tracks. It was Victor who argued way back in the l970’s in support of the Hyde Amendment that denied most federal funding for abortion. He came to our defense in the NOW v. Scheidler twenty-year saga, and was a personal friend and colleague.

Victor, who had just reached the age of 80, was a distinguished Northwestern Law professor and author, and was universally loved even by his staunchest opponents, one of whom said “[He] had an abiding faith, from the gut, about the sanctity of human life and that it extended into the womb. . . . [W]e never rally had a philosophical discussion about it. I simply respected his belief.”

Ron Allen, a fellow law professor said “He was just genuine all the way down—that’s who he was. Everybody here was just crazy about him.”

Victor was born in New York in 1925, graduated from Columbia University and got his law degree there, got a doctorate from Berkeley, and started teaching at Northwestern in 1958. His 1955 book, Law as a Political Instrument is still in use.

He was chairman of the Chicago-based Americans United for Life from l989 to 1995, and is best known for his anti-abortion legal work. All pro-lifers across the country will miss Victor Rosenblum. A memorial service will beheld at 11 a.m. Thursday in Beth Emet and Free Synagogue at 1224 West Dempster Street in Evanston

A Mother in Denial

We have been noticing more and more, recently, that the pro-aborts are becoming desperate and have hyped up their lies to gain sympathy and spread fear in the hope that it will get them some support from fellow pro-aborts.

Among the lies are warnings that with the recent pro-life victory in NOW v. Scheidler, some form of vandalism will be visited upon the satanic temples where they sacrifice innocent unborn children to their leader. One such yelp comes from a pro-abort from Bloomington IL who gushes over a recent Molly Ivins piece on women’s so-called rights to kill their children.

Pat, we’ll call her, brags that she wants her voice heard that she had an abortion and that it was a hard decision but it was her decision She and her husband have even indoctrinated their surviving children, a daughter and a son, that their decision was right. She is unhappy with the people of South Dakota for not liking abortion as much as she and her family do.

I wouldn’t mention all this, but Pat wants her story to be known. Incidentally, I’ve purposely left off her last name to protect her privacy, and so as not to embarrass her kids. This is so sad that I don’t think Pat really wants you to know who she is. But even if she does, why should her poor kids suffer for her folly? Man, is she in denial

Abortuary Guard Scared by Christmas Card

Another sad letter is in Tuesday’s Chicago Sun-Times from a former abortion clinic guard whom we’ll call Maja. She bleats that some abortion clinic demonstrators years ago sent her a Christmas card, and that someone actually stepped on her foot. Hard as she tried, she could not get them arrested, partly because at that time there was no RICO charge to use against them, and her pleas to the police were ignored.

Now with the recent abortion defeat in the NOW v. Scheidler case, Maja fears that the clock has been turned back to the perilous times before RICO when pro-lifers could send abortion mill workers unsolicited Christmas cards with impunity, and maybe even step on one’s foot again. Oh, woe!

Incidentally, Maja quit showing up at her clinic after she got the unsolicited Christmas Card, and later on her abortion clinic was shut down.

Puerile Margulies Cartoon

A cartoon by Jimmy Margulies in Tuesday’s Chicago Sun-Times compares the Taliban to the South Dakota abortion ban. The “Abortion Ban” is dressed all in black with only the eyes showing. Jimmy is lucky Pro-lifers aren’t as sensitive as the Taliban.

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