Former Iron Curtain States Challenge E.U. over Abortion

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Pro-Life States and the EU

A story in Wednesday’s Chicago Tribune out of Bratislava says the battle over abortion, which many Europeans thought was settled with legal abortion having won in most countries, has heated up, thanks primarily to the Roman Catholic Church and encouragement of American pro-life activists.

Leading the charge against liberal abortion are Poland and Slovakia. Their conservatism is ruffling the feathers of Western Europe’s bastions of liberalism, according to Tom Hundley of the Chicago Tribune‘s foreign news office.

One example is the Vatican’s effort to strike an agreement with Slovakia to allow Catholic Hospitals to opt out of doing abortions and artificial fertilization. During the communist era, Slovakia had liberal abortion laws. Since breaking with communism Slovakia’s annual abortion rate has dropped from 70,00 to 20,000. One sociologist says people are beginning to understand just “what abortion really is.”

Countries like Slovakia, Poland and Lithuania, and other socially conservative countries, say the European Union’s leaders are “unbelievably arrogant,” just like the Communist leaders of 60 and 70 years ago. President George Bush’s election gave conservatives in Europe a boost, and the pro-life movement in the U. S. has encouraged European conservatives to become more active, though even they admit that they are not as radical as American pro-life activists.

Meanwhile, the Vatican is intent on using conservative countries like Poland, Slovakia and Lithuania as a Trojan Horse to get inside the European Union. We will be speaking at a conference featuring a number of pro-lifers from these countries later this month, and will get a first hand report of this effort to bring Europe back to pro-life and sanity.

Abortion and Rape in Mexico

A report out of Mexico City says that while Mexican law permits abortion for rape, in 29 out of Mexico’s 31 states, women who claimed to have been raped and who are seeking abortions find it almost impossible to get them, as state officials across Mexico routinely deny them abortions. Good. That is as it should be.

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