Round Up of News on Abortion in Recent Weeks

We apologize that we haven’t posted an Action News Hotline since last Tuesday. It has been that busy! Since our 8-0 Supreme Court victory last week, we have done more than fifty television, radio and print media interviews, including NBC-TV and Newsweek, went on retreat and spoke in Bloomington to students at Illinois Wesleyan. Won’t let it happen again.

Trib Story on Victory Pretty Good

The story on our victory in the March 1 Chicago Tribune, “Defiance pays off for abortion foe,” by Judy Peres and Mary Ann Fergus, was well done and we have no major complaint. In it I was referred to as a “tireless zealot” and it described the twenty-year battle accurately and paid tribute to my family. It quoted Fay saying she didn’t regret a minute of the conflict, but we think she did—in fact, several minutes, like the two times our victories were announced.

Walmart Caves In to Pro-Abort Pressure

In other news, Wal-Mart, whilch has held off selling the abortion pill, Plan B, in its pharmacies, collapsed Friday under pressure and two law suits, and will as of March 20, begin selling the lethal drug at their stores. .Shame on Wal-Mart. We did an NBC take on their decision Saturday, pointing out the cowardly nature of their decision and their loss of customer trust.

Abortion Aftermath in the News

A recent Newsweek article shows that even the abortionists are having trouble with the aftermath of abortion, as pro-aborts have discovered the need for helping women who regret their abortions. Their Repreoductive Health Technologies Project has been trying, unsuccessfuly, to deal with these womens’ guilt and depression. They don’t have the answers but they do recognize their need for help.

South Dakota Passes Abortion Ban

Governor Mike Rounds of South Dakota has signed the strongest anti-abortion bill in the country, making no exception for abortion unless necessary to save the woman’s life, which doesn’t happen.

South Dakota pro-life leaders are being vandalized all over the state. Leslee and Allen Unruh’s house has been bombarded with eggs, dead animals and coat hangers scattered on their property. They have received threatening phone calls in the middle of the night, and tons of hate mail. Even their favorite coffee shop has denied them service. They are shocked at the level of hate against them. We’re not.

ACLU versus Ave Maria

Thomas Monaghan, founder of Domino’s Pizza and founder of a new city near Naples FL, says he will keep contraceptives out of the city drug store. But the American Civil Liberties Union is trying to make Ave Maria stores sell contraceptives. It will be interesting battle to watch. We’re betting on Monaghan.

Botched Abortions in the U.K.

The London Times ran a story that says according to the Confidential Enquiry into Maternal and Child Health Organization, at least 50 babies survive abortion each year in England, mainly because British abortionists routinely ignore a requirement that babies scheduled for abortion be given a shot of potassium chloride directly into in their hearts to kill them in the womb. Botched abortions are considered substandard medicine in England, according to a spokesman at St. George Hospital in London.

Misguided Conscience

While Matt Abbott of Chicago complements the League for its Supreme Court victory by a unanimous vote in Scheidler v. NOW, Chris Wiberg suggests that we can’t help a person in grave error to form a right conscience. “When someone asks his or her God for guidance, neither Scheidler nor the government can dictate what answer is given.”

Sure we can. If someone’s conscience says he can take my wallet, I sure can dictate to him that he’d better keep his hands off.


Figure this one out: Danish artists drew pictures of Mohammed, so 50,000 Muslims shout “Death to America.” Did we miss something?

“Catholic” House Democrats Upset

Pro-abortion U.S. House Democrats are saying they are more in line with the Catholic Church than are pro-life Republicans. They say they vote for welfare and the common good and resent being subjected to a “one issue” litmus test. They resent talk of being unworthy of Holy Communion. Fifty-five of the 72 Catholics House Democrats say they will continue to disagree with the Church on abortion.

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