Pro-Abortion Tyrant Rod Blagojevich Has Got To Go

The United States Supreme Court made it clear in the Webster v. Reproductive Health Services ruling in 1989, that “Nothing in the Constitution requires states to enter or remain in the business of performing abortions.” This means that the states of New York, Hawaii, Maryland and Washington compel their citizens to go beyond the mind of the Constitution and pay for abortions.

New York is at present entertaining an amendment to change this travesty, since forcing citizens to violate their consciences by compelling them to support child-killing is seen by some legislators to be a mortal offense.

Tyrant Blago Has Got To Go

Well, at least we don’t have that in Illinois. But what we do have is almost worse—a Governor who thinks he’s a king, and makes laws that destroy the lives of his most defenseless subjects. Rob Blagojevich has on occasion replaced the Legislature to make up laws and hand out money to trample on the consciences of pharmacists by ordering them to dispense the abortifacient drug, Plan B, and has violated the consciences of taxpayers by ordering $10 million of our money to be used for embryonic stem cell experimentation.

In some ways this arrogance “law by gubernatorial decree” is worse than law by a pro-abortion legislature. At least the legislators can be dumped easier than can a governor. So Blago must go. And anyone who agrees with his pro-abortion policies is also unfit to govern, so if you’ve been happy with Judy Baar Topinka, think again. She supports Blagojevich’s dictatorial style of governing. More on this later.

Drive Up Birth Control

Have you read about the drive-through birth control clinic? A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held recently in Wausau,WI to kick off the drive-up window where they hand out contraceptives to girls as young as 15, without the girl’s parents knowing anything about it. They can get condoms to help spread STDs, and to help increase the possibility of the girl’s getting pregnant.

Well, that’s what the statistics show—the more birth control, the more pregnancy, and the more spread of disease. If you don’t know why this is so, there are plenty of studies that explain it.

Pro-lifers are calling the Lon Newman drive up birth control window the ultimate symbol of what has gone wrong in America, and why we continue to be plagued with 1.2 million abortions a year, skyrocketing cases of STDs, an astronomical divorce rate, and an increasing movement to euthanize the handicapped. America worships convenience at the expense of everything else.

Many of the so-called ‘contraceptives’ that will be distributed through that window are really abortifacients that can act to destroy a newly formed person. This observation was made by Pro-Life Wisconsin’s State Director, Peggy Hamill.

How cheap and disgusting can you get, to set up a drive-through birth control booth? Sick, sick and sicker. The condom and pill booth was opened on St. Valentine’s Day. The disgusting items are free, supported with Wisconsin taxes. Did we say “sick?”

Deadly Contraceptive Patch

The good old contraceptive patch is proving to be double the risk for blood clots, even compared to pills, which also causes blood clots. But you can get clots just a little faster with the patch.

For the present, the Food and Drug Administration doesn’t plan to do anything about it. Blood clots usually form in the legs or lungs and travel to the heart or brain, causing heart attacks and strokes. Have a nice funeral.

Ethical for Doctors To Kill?

There’s a big ethical problem haunting the medical profession. May doctors take part in executions? Well, doctors take part in executions every day— about 3,500 of them, in nice clean abortion mills. So what’s the question?

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