Detroit Police Trample Pro-Lifer’s Freedom of Speech

Denny Green is a long time super activist, director of Life and Liberty Ministries of Virginia. Denny was in Detroit last weekend for the Super Bowl. He was driving his truth truck with graphic pictures of aborted babies, to show the crowd what the U. S. Supreme Court 1973 abortion rulings look like up close.

Detroit Police Don’t Like the Truth

Denny thinks people should see what we do 4,000 times a day to our most defenseless citizens. But the Detroit City Police didn’t like the pictures, so they charged him with not having a vehicle registration, though he had it and handed it to them. No matter, he could not show his pictures.

On Saturday they arrested him for a law they manufactured, to wit: “Violation of temporary signage in the entertainment zone—Failure to obtain a permit.” Dennis’ truck was impounded as evidence and Dennis cuffed and taken to jail. The officers talked about removing the signs from his truck. Another photo van operated by Mark Gabriel was also impounded.

These arrogant police officers should be sued. Besides making false charges and junking the First Amendment, they prevented thousands of people from being educated on the truth of abortion, a truth that often changes peoples minds on abortion.

U.K. Ups Support for Planned Parenthood

Reuters says the United Kingdom announced Monday that it will give 3 million pounds, about $5.3 million over the next two years to Planned Parenthood to support abortion and family planning in third world countries. This is to make up for the U. S. aid withdrawn years ago under Presidents Ronald Reagan and George Bush. Clinton had restored the money but Bush once again withdrew it as his first official act.

England is asking other countries to join them supplying abortion and contraceptives funds through the International Planned Parenthood Federation’s new Global Save Abortion Program. Pro-aborts are lying that 19 million women have unsafe abortions each year and 70,000 of them die from infection and hemorrhage. Britain is urging Northern European countries will join them.

Indiana Clinics Under Fire

Abortion clinics in Indiana may have to close down if the Indiana House of Representatives have their way and the Senate joins them in new restrictive regulation that would make it difficult for Hoosier abortion facilities to operate.

For more than 30 years, Indiana abortion clinics have operated without any restrictions or standards. The new rules affect such things as room size and corridor width.

Planned Parenthood Fears Pavone

Planned Parenthood is scared to death of gentle Fr. Frank Pavone, head of Priests for Life. They call him an extremist and are unhappy about his new center in Amarillo, TX. His Missionaries of the Gospel of Life, they say, will train priests and seminarians to fight euthanasia and abortion and this threatens Planned Parenthood’s abortion centers around Amarillo, they say.

They complain that they are being forced to upgrade their security. PP says Pavone “justifies criminal trespass and blockades against abortion clinics, and supports the militant, right wing Pro-Life Action League,” which they claim, “violated federal racketeering laws by conducting a nationwide campaign of harassment and intimidation at clinics.” They call me, “an ally of Pavone’s for many years, [whose] photo hangs in the lobby of Priests for Life headquarters.”

But Fr. Pavone says PP should not be afraid of violence but of the message his organization is putting out, namely that abortion destroys a human life.

Pro-Life Congressmen Fight RU-486

Three Republican Congressmen are trying to get rid of the French abortion pill, RU-486. It was rushed through FDA approval by the pro-abortion Clinton administration. Calling it a baby pesticide, these pro-life legislators say it is not therapeutic, but was developed simply to kill, and that is reason enough for the FDA to ban its use.

Representatives Chris Smith, Roscoe Bartlett and Jean Schmidt are joined by 78 co-sponsors of HR 1079, called Holly’s Law after a California teen who died after taking it. There have now been five RU-486 deaths and hundreds of injuries, not to mention hundreds of thousands of baby deaths.

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