Thirty-Third March for Life a Punch in the Arm

To put it mildly, the March for Life in Washington D. C. this Monday was stupendous, up-beat and a shot in the arm. Numbers are irrelevant, considering the enthusiasm, but for the record they ranged from the Washington Police figure of 70,000 to Steven Peroutka’s 250,000. We like Steve’s estimate and all we can say is it could have been more than that.

Best March for Life Yet

But never mind the number—the upbeat attitude of this cross-section of pro-life America said volumes about where the movement is going, and that is toward victory.

The four or five pro-aborts we saw were angry, nasty, defeated and running away. They see the crumbling of Roe V. Wade, the change in the Court, the hopelessness of trying to sell abortion as a “good,” the abortion providers ranks thinning and in many places disappearing, the gruesome pictures of what they stand for, shocking the public, the growing testimonies of women who were scarred for life by abortion, the destroyed families and the haunting of missing children. They also see the joy of pro-life people and the rewards that come to those who fight abortion.

These pro-lifers thank God every day for enlisting them on His side in this battle of our times. All of that came out over and over again during this past weekend in Washington, and more.

The triumphant Holy Sacrifice of the Mass Sunday night in the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception was a taste of ultimate Heavenly triumph, the crowds of young people and the comradery of the veteran pro-lifers, communion breakfasts, speeches before the march, gathering in front of the Supreme Court, testimonies of the Silent No More victims, meetings with legislators, talking to the press, crowds at the Dubliner, the Rose Dinner at the Hyatt welcoming new organizations, the pro-lifers from across the globe.

This march was the best ever. Some say it may be the last. Maybe not, but we’re getting there. If they do have one next year, try to make it.

Ad Appeals to Blagojevich

Read a full page plea to Gov. Rob Blagojevich from Illinois mothers who want to know why he isn’t vaguely interested in protecting their daughters. Yvonne Florczak-Seeman of Love from Above signs it and if you want to know more about her plea to the Governor of Illinois, call 1-866-TIME-2-SPEAK. Ask for a copy of their full page ad. Only a very heartless person could ignore it.

Culture War Rages On-Screen

Just in, the goofy TV show The Book of Daniel has been driven off the airways through massive protests and low ratings, while the upcoming movie from the sacrilegious and heretical book, The Da Vinci Code, is getting a slightly different treatment. It presents the chance to teach the truth about the Catholic Church. After all the lies in the film are trotted out, those who know the truth will use the opportunity to counter the false message.

Alito Battle Reached Full Senate

Keep your eyes on the upcoming battle over Sam Alito in the Senate. The Democrats are acting a bit crazy, being governed by special interest groups like the unhappy abortaholics of NOW and Planned Parenthood, and others who seem to need grave evil in their lives in order to be happy.

The Democrats are a dying party. They have clearly lost their way. And we say “Good riddance.”

The Killing Goes On

The pro-life stories abound this 33rd anniversary of the diabolical ruling that took away all protection from our posterity, the helpless unborn. Thirty-three years and 47,000,000 abortions later there are some rays of hope, but the killing goes on, and while it is at a somewhat diminished rate, still we are guilty of as many as 4,500 murdered children a day, three a minute, one every 20 seconds. We just hope and pray that The Good Lord won’t smash us flat before we can stop this holocaust.

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