“National Suicide” Enters Its Thirty-Fourth Year

If you read Action News before Sunday noon, rush over to Holy Name Cathedral and join the first Diocesan March for Life from the Cathedral at 735 N. State Street to the Water Tower Place on Chicago and Michigan, where a prayer vigil will take place. For more information call Charlotte Isaacson at 847-679-7431.

Events Commemorate Roe v. Wade

There will be similar marches all over America this weekend to pay tribute to the 47million American babies who have been murdered by abortion during the past 33 years through a satanic ruling by the godless United States Supreme Court in 1973.

Pray also for listless legislators, the mindless media, spineless spiritual leaders and avaricious abortionists. Ours is a sorry excuse for a country that claims to be the land of the free and the home of the brave. We are rather the land of tyrannical courts and the home of milksops—except of course, for you, dear reader, and our pro-life friends.

We Must Halt This National Suicide

We’ll be in Washington on Monday, joining some 100,000 marchers who care about the future of this nation. But if we keep murdering our posterity, America has no future. It’s called “national suicide.” Estimates are that one out of every three women you see has killed at least one of her children in abortion, while we ask God to bless America. Why should He?

Yet, there is still an army of us who are determined to change all that, to replace the post-modernists on the courts with human beings, and try to salvage what’s left of America. It’s a tall order, but it must be done or there’s no tomorrow.

New Campaign to Expose the Truth about Roe

You will be hearing about it in our next newsletter: the Pro-Life Action League is launching a major operation to inform every level of the population on the truth about the Roe v. Wade decision of January 22, 1973. For thirty-three years the national media, most educators, nearly all politicians, and the public in general have been routinely misinformed about the parameters of the two abortion decision, Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton.

Estimates are that probably 99% of Americans think these two rulings allow abortion only in the first three months of pregnancy, or possibly into the second for very serious reasons, and surely only for lifesaving reasons in the third trimester.

Not so. For any reason or virtually no reason abortions may be and are performed up until the day of birth.

The general public doesn’t know that the baby feels excruciating pain early on, in most abortions, and that legal abortion is as dirty and dangerous, if not more, than illegal abortions were. Few know that abortion is a cause of breast cancer, or that about one in ten women will be sterilized by their first abortion. And on and on.

It is time Americans wake up to the horror that is going on around them. The Pro-Life Action League has been at the forefront of education through our leaflets and Truth Tours and videos and books and this Action News Hotline, showing the effects of abortion on the unborn and on society, but our aim now is to identify abortion with the unspeakably unconstitutional ruing that had no basis in any document or law that ever was written to govern this country.

Abortion on demand handed to us by the Supreme Court is just as Justice Byron White said it was, “an exercise of raw, judicial power, without precedent.” It was cut from whole cloth. Legal abortion defies logic and it has betrayed the nation’s concern for the individual, for marriage and for the basic societal unit, the family.

Our abortion binge calls down God’s judgment on this country and, unless removed, it will destroy our country and deny our posterity a future. We’re very serious about this program, so stay tuned.

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