High Court May Soon Have Five Catholics

Plan to attend a special pro-life Mass and Homily Saturday night, January 14, at 7:15 p.m. at St. Mary of the Angels on Hermitage Ave. Bishop George Rassas will be the celebrant.

Alito Confirmation Likely

The Sam Alito hearings are over and most pundits are confident that he will be passed on by the Judiciary Committee to a full Senate vote next week. Most are also predicting a solid win on an up or down vote, if all goes as it has begun. While some hardcore pro-aborts may demand a filibuster to scuttle a full Senate vote, few believe this will happen.

Alito underwent 18 grueling hours of questioning and fielded more than 700 questions. The majority of them were on abortion.

Lukewarm Catholics Support Abortion

We may soon have five Catholics on the Supreme Court, if you want to count Justice Anthony Kennedy, who is a pro-abort, a Catholic. Maybe the other four can drill Kennedy on the meaning of “Thou shall not kill.” He seems to have forgotten that abortion is condemned by the Catholic Church.

But so have about 20 percent of regular church going Catholics, according to a recent poll. Thirty-four percent of moderate practicing Catholics approve of abortion and a whopping 54 percent of people calling themselves Catholics, but who rarely attend church, support abortion There’s a lot of work to be done right here in River City.

How Sick Can You Get

In the “How sick can you get?” column, a councilman in Tulua, Colombia, William Pena, filed a formal proposal demanding that people 14 and older must carry a condom with them at all times, or face a $180 fine. It seems Tulua is crawling with VD, and especially HIV.

Local Catholic Priests are outraged over the proposal, saying it would encourage promiscuity and is an outlandish proposal. After discussion, however, it could become the law of the land—Tulua, that is—as early as this March. Sick.

Coburn Slams Durbin on Abortion Flip-Flop

Illinois’ own Senator Dick Durbin was taunted Wednesday by Sen. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, for Durbin’s abandoning his pro-life position to become a champion for abortion. Coburn said, “I wanted to razz him a little bit, that for 45 years Durbin was adamantly pro-life and wrote multiple letters expressing that position and said he thought Roe should be reversed, until 1989 when he suddenly switched.”

Durbin was not in the room. But he got the message and issued a mealy-mouthed reply that he changed his mind when he met with some victims of rape and incest. It took Durbin 45 years to hear the old rape and incest excuse. And that’s our voice in Washington. Help!

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