Illinois Pharmacist Stands By His Conscience

Our trip to Baltimore was timely and packed with activity. Jack Ames and I drove to Washington D. C. for a meeting with thirty activists to discuss the future of the pro-life activist movement.

Many innovative ideas were introduced and all agreed that a national meeting should be scheduled in order to coordinate peaceful, effective programs for fighting abortion. About a dozen of the old guard were present but the majority of attendees were relatively new to the activist movement.

Promoting Activism in Baltimore

In the evening after Mass with 300 members of the Knights of Columbus representing a hundred Maryland councils I spoke at the banquet, encouraging councils as well as individuals to select a program involving more activism, such as joining prayer warriors outside an abortion facility or going out into the public square and handing out literature or holding graphic signs.

I also distributed videos of “Face the Truth,’ and “Action Speaks Louder than Words,” as well as pamphlets and booklets. I don’t know what effect my talk had on most of the group, but one former activist told me that my speech has encouraged him to return to activism, and that’s encouraging.

Alito Hearings Begin

Hearings on Judge Sam Alito are under way, with the usual angry pro-abortion Democrats demanding that Alito be just another Sandra Day O’Connor, pro-abortion, pro-gay-rights, etc. How stupid can you get?

Pharmacist Stands Tough

Walgreens Pharmacist Rich Quayle of Hyland, IL, is standing by his refusal to dispense Plan B, the abortifacient all Walgreens pharmacists are now required to dispense if they want to keep their jobs. Quayle says doing so would violate his conscience by forcing him to kill human beings. “I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad moral stance to take.”

Quayle’s annual salary of $100,000 has been ended, but he has filed a federal lawsuit over the Illinois law imposed by Illinois’ arrogant Governor Rob Blagojevich. Quayle believes his refusal to dispense these lethal pills is protected by the Illinois Health Care Right to Conscience Act which protects medical personnel from being forced to violate their consciences. He is probably right. Stay tuned.

Missouri Law Curbs Minors’ Abortions in Illinois

Poor Hope Abortion Spa for Women in Granite City, IL. It’s administration is upset because of a Missouri law that can send people to jail if they cause, aid or assist Missouri minors in obtaining abortions in Missouri or other states without parental notification.

Illinois is the only a state bordering Missouri that doesn’t already have a parental notification law, so minors have been crossing the state line to have their babies killed here. No more. Missouri teens can’t get Hope abortions if they can’t prove that they have notified their parents.

About 3% of Hope’s 5,400 annual abortions are Missouri teens, or 167 a year. Some 34 states now require parental notification.

But one caution: the Tribune article on this situation by Bonnie Miller Rubin has so many factual errors in it that we don’t think it can be taken seriously. It says 29 million women have had abortions since Roe. The figure is 47 million. It says less than 1% of women have an abortion beyond twenty weeks. The figure is much higher than that.

New Book Exposes Feminism

A recently publish book by Kate O’Brien, “Women Who Make the World Worse, and How Their Radical Feminist Assault Is Ruining Our Schools, Families, Military and Sports,” is reviewed in the January 8 issue of the Chicago Sun-Times “Controversy” section. It makes it clear that today’s feminists are wrong on every front, and that they lie when they suggest that early feminists were pro-abortion.

Exactly the opposite is true. Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton called abortion “child murder” and “infanticide.” They said any woman who “commits the deed” is awfully guilty; and will have a burdened conscience in life and will burden her soul in death. They said it is degrading to treat our children as property to be disposed of as we see fit. Sarah Norton called abortionists “child murderers.

The book goes on to show how devastating the feminist movement has been for American women. Read it.

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