League Holds “Rain Date” and Other Fall Truth Days

Tour in Chicago

Leo McGrillen holds his sign in the shade at 95th Street and Western during the League’s sunny “Rain Date” Tour, August 16 [Photo by EJS]

For the fall phase of our 2006 Face the Truth Tour, featuring monthly Truth Days August through November, we took the opportunity to make up for some of the gaps left over in our big summer Tour in July (see story).

Fall Tour Sites Fill in the Gaps

On the morning of July 11, we were rained out of our stop at Pulaski Road and 103rd Street in Chicago, so we schduled a Truth Tour “Rain Date” for August 16 at that site, and asked League supporters to pray for good weather. Weather was perfect both at the early morning site and late morning site at 95th Street and Western Avenue.

We made up for another disruption from the summer Tour in September when we returned to the site in Mundelein, IL that police had forced us to vacate under threat of arrest (see story).

Tour in Aurora

Homeschoolers Patty and Delores Weber show students at Aurora West High School what abortion really is, October 4 [Photo by EJS]

Aurora West Students Face the Truth

On October 4, we visited Aurora West High School, at Galena Boulevard and Commonwealth Avenue, which happens to be a few blocks from my home, for an “Early Bird” Tour, 7:30-9:00 a.m., with coffee and donuts for the volunteers.

Shortly after our arrival, school officials approached and asked me to remove the display, concerned that parents and passersby might think the school was sponsoring it. I politely explained that while we respect their concerns, we consider it our duty to exercise our First Amendment rights to inform high school students about the reality of abortion—before it’s too late.

League Members Invoke the Saints

We scheduled the final Truth Day of the year for All Saints Day, visiting two of our favorite sites in downtown Chicago, Daley Plaza during lunchtime and the Art Institute of Chicago in the afternoon, with Mass at St. Peter’s Church on Madison Street in between. We prayed especially for the intercession of all the holy pro-lifers who have gone before us to join the Communion of Saints.

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