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Dear Mr. and Mrs. Scheidler,

Thank you very much for speaking at the Notre Dame reunion earlier this month. I found your talk very interesting and enlightening. It was perhaps the most important class offered, and certainly had more depth than most of the other drivel I attended. I’m sending a small donation to help you with your work. Hope it helps.

I’m starting to explore how to get involved with pro-life work now that my children are growing older. In addition to my regular job, I’m a hospital chaplain and catechist down here in Houston. Can you send me the book CLOSED: 99 Ways to Stop Abortion? I want to help, but with limited time I don’t want to waste it on methods that don’t work. It sounds like you’ve broken the code.

Rob and Brenda Lloyd
Dear Pro-Life Action League,

As we are encouraged to offer a prayer of the faithful at daily Mass I say, “For preborn babies and their mothers who are in danger of the sin of abortion and for conversion of those who are a threat to them.”

When I first began going to daily Mass at this church I heard a lady offer a prayer for an end to abortion but I think this more specific prayer will give those who join in thought to the fact that abortion is a sin and those who are contemplating it are in great danger as well as those who offer her this terrible option.

Margaret Davis, Via E-mail
Dear Joe, Ann, and Eric,

All of you, including your helpers, are in my prayers. The struggles you have had and are having are incredible! I can only imagine the reception you will get from the Trinity, our Blessed Mother, and all the angels and saints when each one of you get to heaven! I believe all of you will weep with joy when the aborted babies will praise and cherish all of you for all eternity for defending them with such conviction and passion while you were on earth. May God our Father bless you and protect all of you until you are safely in His arms!

John Donnelly

To Speak the Truth with Courage

The letters below represent some of the enthusiasm generated by our “Contraception Is Not the Answer” conference in September.

Dear Joe,

Congratulations for taking the bull by the horns and pointing out what we have known all along, but which has not been advertised sufficiently—namely that contraception produces ever more sexual abuse and, eventually, of course, abortion.

Getting this message across is very important, and we should spread it as far as we can. I have very few friends left, but I will do what I can to help you.

May the good Lord keep you in the palm of His hand, as the Irish say and the Germans should, and know that you are always in my prayers. Do keep up your magnificent work. I am duplicating “The Case Against Contraception” and am spreading it as far as I can.

In Domino,

Fr. Paul B. Marx, OSB
Dear Joe and Eric,

Thank you for the wonderful conference. The speakers were dynamic. We really need to get this message to the people. I am so moved! You are a blessing to all. Gratefully,

Mary Ellen O’Rourke
Dear Joe,

When I heard about your conference, “Contraception Is Not the Answer,” I wanted to get my story out to you. I have suffered for thirty years over an abortion caused by an IUD. I carried my baby 8 weeks only.

The answer to my “problem” is a ministry of the Catholic Church. I attended a weekend retreat of Rachel’s Vineyard and am healing, finally. When I realized that I probably had aborted 3 babies, I knew I had to get help, and fortunately my Diocese of Sacramento offers the weekend retreats. I think a huge amount of good could be accomplished if the Marriage Prep. classes in our churches were required to teach NFP so young couples would have an excellant start to their marriages. NFP marriages have a lower divorce rate, too.

Thank you,

Marilyn, Via E-mail

Action News welcomes your letters to the editor. We print as many as we can fit into each print edition of Action News. E-mail your letter or send to the address at the bottom of this page.

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