Pro-Life Activism Is Working

Director Joe Scheidler

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The times, they are a changin’,” says the old song, and it is certainly the theme for what is happening in the abortion wars—changing for the better. I have been saying since the 1970’s that the day would come when the media would get on board in the fight for life and pretend they had been leading the way all along. I’m not ready to say they are leading yet, but let’s watch carefully and see what happens. Just consider these recent stories.

New Attitudes in the Press and Courts

On May 7, 2006 an article by Russell Shorto appeared in the New York Times Magazine, entitled “Contra Contraception,” an exceptionally frank and accurate story on contraception and abortifiacients, and on the shifting attitudes toward their widespread use.

On May 30, the Chicago Sun-Times ran a lengthy op-ed by John O’Sullivan on the fact that most Americans, including the media, have no idea what Roe v. Wade actually says—that abortion is legal for the full nine months for any reason. O’Sullivan spelled it out, step by step, presenting the parameters of Roe and Doe v. Bolton, something we have never seen in any secular newspaper. It was unique!

And as my readers know, on February 28, 2006, the United States Supreme Court ruled unanimously in my favor in the twenty-year long NOW v. Scheidler RICO lawsuit. But unless you read the decision, what you may not know is that ours wasn’t the only significant victory that day. In Justice Stephen Breyer’s Opinion, he used the term “pro-life” to describe those of us who oppose abortion. His words: “Enter final judgment for the pro-life defendants.” This breakthrough really impressed my attorney, Tom Brejcha!

And as our victory suggests, the shift in public attitude hasn’t escaped the courts. The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to take another look at the partial birth abortion ban—this one the federal law, passed by Congress and signed by President George Bush in 2005. And not just the Supreme Court, but other federal courts seem to be moving in our favor with more conservative judges being appointed.

Our Efforts Are Driving Public Opinion

Why this shift in the courts and media? Because there’s been a shift in public opinion on abortion. And that shift has even emboldened some elected officials. South Dakota has rocked the nation, and indeed the world, with its recent legislation outlawing nearly all abortions. Other states are poised to follow suit.

So I’m going to go out on a limb and give much of the credit for this new thinking on the part of legislatures, courts and even the media to the unflinching efforts of pro-life activists like you. For thirty-three years we have been out in front of abortion clinics, on the streets, exposing the truth about abortion and helping women choose alternatives. Our proclamation of the truth has awakened many women to the reality that they are responsible for the deaths of their own babies and has led them to seek healing. Many of these women are speaking out now, and their message is reaching the people who make the laws, rule on the laws, and those who sometimes even report the truth.

The truth always wins in the end. We’re not at the end yet, but we’re definitely on the way. Give yourself a pat on the back and redouble your efforts. It’s working!

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