Pro-Life Illinoisans Focus on Key Primary Races

Politics Seminar

Ralph Rivera (standing) instructs Illinois activists on the candidates and issues of concern during the 2006 primary [Photo by Ann Scheidler]

March 21 is primary election day in Illinois. Since Illinois has become a radically pro-abortion state, many pro-life activists are looking to the primary elections to effect a change in the direction of the state. To find out how pro-life activists could be most effective, the Pro-Life Action League invited Illinois Citizens for Life lobbyist Ralph Rivera to give his analysis of the primary election picture. Julie McCreevy organized a meeting at the League’s headquarters in Chicago on February 3, attended by twenty-five leaders in the movement.

Pro-life activists are eager to do something effective to restore sanity to Illinois. Four candidates are vying for the Republican gubernatorial primary. Two are pro-abortion. Two are pro-life. The two pro-abortion candidates have teamed up with candidates who had been dependable pro-life votes in the state legislature. This link-up makes no sense to the pro-life community.

Pro-Lifer Must Replace Blagojevich

Rivera’s knowledge of the inner workings of Illinois’ political scene helped crystallize the importance of exposing the truth about the pro-abortion commitment of Judy Baar Topinka, the Republican establishment candidate for governor. Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, a Democrat, took it into his own hands to allocate $10 million for embryonic stem cell research. Then he issued an executive order demanding that pharmacists fill prescriptions for the morning after pill. Blagojevich is the most anti-life governor Illinois has ever had. It is of paramount importance to replace him with a candidate who values life.

Veteran Congressman Henry Hyde is retiring at the end of his current term. State Senator Peter Roskam, a solid pro-lifer, is running for Hyde’s 6th congressional seat. It will be crucial to hold Hyde’s seat as a pro-life vote in the Congress. In the 9th congressional district, pro-abortion Democrat Melissa Bean had replaced pro-life congressman Phil Crane in the 2004 election. Several Republicans are eyeing her position, one of whom is a rock solid pro-lifer, Kathy Salvi. Kathy has volunteered in a crisis pregnancy center for years and has the confidence of the pro-life community. It is important to win back the 9th congressional district for pro-life.

Pro-life Americans need to take their responsibility as citizens very seriously. Using our vote wisely, we can transform the culture. With the mood of the country shifting against abortion, now is the time to press our advantage. All pro-lifers must work for and vote for pro-life candidates, who make great sacrifices to represent those of us who reverence life.

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