League Applauds Nomination of John Roberts to Supreme Court

Judge John G. Roberts

The Pro-Life Action League applauds President George W. Bush for nominating conservative Judge John G. Roberts, Jr. to the Supreme Court. In a press release League National Director Joe Scheidler noted that despite the fact that little is known of Roberts’ views on abortion or Roe v. Wade, “[W]e’re encouraged by his record of integrity, his conservative credentials and the confidence placed in him by so many pro-life leaders.”

As a deputy solicitor general, Roberts wrote in a brief before the Supreme Court that “Roe was wrongly decided and should be overruled.” His wife is a former executive vice-president of Feminists for Life, and the couple care enough about children to have adopted their son and daughter.

Scheidler and the League have a particular interest in the Roberts nomination, since if he is confirmed they will appear before him and the other eight justices when NOW v. Scheidler returns to the Supreme Court for the third time later this year.

Scheidler remarked, “John G. Roberts would help to stem the tide of judicial activism that has brought ruin to our country. I encourage all advocates for life to strongly support his nomination.”

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