Prediction: Roberts Will Pass Schumer’s Litmus Test

It appears from the numerous liberal Democrats questioned, that Judge John G. Roberts’ confirmation hearings will not result in a Senate Democrat filibuster. Most Democrats are favorable to the nominee or say his abortion record is so thin that his signing of a brief in 1992, saying Roe was wrongly decided and should be overturned, is no big deal.

Schumer’s Litmus Test

But in the camp of flaming liberal Democrats like Charles Schumer of New York, Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts and Dick Durbin of Illinois, and the more rabid, wild eyed feminists, it is not so placid.

The ladies were out in force Tuesday protesting that Roe is in danger if Roberts is confirmed. They promise more protests, and are willing to spend big money to defeat Roberts’ confirmation. Schumer has sent Roberts a long list of questions he plans to ask him, many dealing with what Roberts will do when abortion cases come before the Court.

We trust Roberts will be able to counter Schumer’s litmus test. But have you ever wondered why these abortaholics are so terrified that Roe may be overturned? They are not even rational on the topic.

We believe Roberts will pass Senate muster and be confirmed. Then we hope he will be good for the court, the country and the unborn children. But we don’t envy him the next two months. Going before Charlie Schumer is no fun. We did it once, and once was enough.

Clayton Bows Out of High Court Appearance

The League has received word from the Supreme Court that our day in court is this November 30th. Rumor has it that Fay Clayton will not be arguing the case this time, possibly because she did so badly before and was caught in a lie during her argument.

The attorney said to be preparing for the job of convincing the Supreme Court that their 2003 ruling was wrong, will be Erwin Chemerinsky, a law professor at the University of Southern California. He wrote a brief supporting NOW in our 2002 appearance before the High Court. More information on Mr. Chemerinsky on a future Pro-Life Action News.

FDA Warning on RU-486 Isn’t Enough

Poor old RU-486. So far this lethal abortion drug has killed at least five women in the United States alone since it was put on the market. Danco Laboratories, distributors of the drug, has admitted that five woman have died “from serious bacterial infection and sepsis.” Danco is currently putting warning labels on the drug.

Women have died each year the drug has been available, and Danco’s marketing director said letters will be sent to all doctors authorized to prescribe the drug. Letters will also go to all emergency room directors nationwide.

The drug carries the Food and Drug Administration’s highest level of black box warning, stating that the drug is especially dangerous. New labels will highlight how infections can cause death to women using it.

Meanwhile, Danco denies that the Drug caused the deaths, while coroners who handled the bodies of the dead women attribute the cause of death to “chronic inflammation of the lining of the uterus.” The pattern was inflammation, shock and death.

The FDA rushed through the approval process to get the drug on the marked without proper tests being performed. Anything goes when the subject is killing babies. As Dr. Eugene Diamond once said, partially in jest, if strychnine or arsenic were found to have abortifacient qualities, the FDA would quickly approve them for women to take for the noble purpose of abortion, and to heck with their lethal qualities. Just put a little warning on the bottle.

No Quotas for High Court

Sandra Day O’Connor is quoted while on a fishing trip in Idaho, that she is disappointed to see the number of women on the Supreme Court drop by 50 percent. How can she be disappointed? She was the fifty percent who quit. Is she trying to say George Bush was bound to nominate another woman to the court, just for show and tell.

Until America gets over it’s quota system it is going nowhere. When you make race, sex or ethnicity a prerequisite for holding office, not only you and that person are in trouble, but so is society. We don’t need another pro-abortion woman on the court. One was enough.

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