Pro-Life Group Calls for Boycott of American Girl over Ties to Abortion

To: National Desk
Contact: Ann Scheidler of the Pro-Life Action League, 773-777-2900, 312-965-1030 cell, ann@prolifeaction.org

Chicago, Nov. 1—”American Girl has refused to sever ties with pro-abortion Girls Incorporated,” said Ann Scheidler, Executive Director of the Chicago-based Pro-Life Action League, “This leaves us no choice but to call for a boycott of American Girl dolls and accessories for the duration of the 2005 Christmas shopping season.”

American Girl launched their “I Can” bracelet project in late August, pledging to contribute seventy cents of every $1, plus a $50,000 donation, to Girls Inc., an advocacy group that strongly supports abortion and lesbianism, and opposes abstinence-only sex education programs.

“It’s bad enough that American Girl is supporting Girls Inc., with its anti-family agenda,” said Scheidler. “What’s worse is that girls are being unwittingly introduced to Girls Inc. through the ‘I Can’ bracelet program, and lured into contact with a their radical feminist ideology.

“We are asking people who care about little girls, and about the value of human life, to refrain from purchasing products and visiting American Girl Place during the entire Christmas shopping season.

“As consumers, we have both the freedom and the responsibility to spending our gift dollars in a manner consistent with our values. There are excellent alternatives to American Girl dolls. We expect that many families will choose to reject American Girl this Christmas.”

For more information on American Girl’s ties to Girls Inc. and the boycott, visit www.prolifeaction.org.

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