League Thanks Bishop Paprocki for Confronting Gov. Blagojevich

Bishop Paprocki with Pope John Paul II

Bishop Paprocki greets Pope John Paul II (date unknown)

In a letter to Chicago Auxiliary Bishop Thomas J. Paprocki, League National Director Joe Scheidler thanked him for boldly confronting pro-abortion Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich during a Mass in honor of Pope John Paul II on April 3.

Bishop Paprocki called on the governor to honor John Paul II’s memory by rescinding his recent order requiring all pharmicists to dispense “morning-after” pills, even against their own consciences.

You have always been a strong voice for life in our society that is so hostile to the culture of life.

—Joseph M. Scheidler,
Letter to Bishop Paprocki

“Not many of our religious leaders display the fortitude that it takes to counter the culture of death,” said Scheidler in the letter. Scheidler told the bishop that he was proud of his witness and assured him of the League’s prayers as he faces criticism for standing up for life.

Prayer Vigil Will Continue Bishop’s Witness

Bishop Paprocki’s courageous witness for life will continue later this month when he celebrates a pro-life Mass at St. John Berchmans, followed by a prayer vigil at American Women’s Medical Center abortion facility. The April 30 event is sponsored by the League’s Helpers of God’s Precious Infants sidewalk counseling division.

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