Science Isn’t Such an Exact Science after All

They say truth will out. All the hype over the use of embryonic stem cells is just that—hype. One recent proof of this is the scandal coming out of Seoul, South Korea where Hwang Woo-Suk has withdrawn his claims of a great break-through in embryonic stem cell research because these claims are fake.

More Stem Cell Hype

After all the hoopla last June that he had created cell colonies for eleven patients through cloning, Hwang admits that he put pressure on his cronies to fabricate evidence. Nine of the stem cell lines were fake and the authenticity of the other two is in doubt. Hwang is unavailable for comment.

Meanwhile, authentic reports of cures from use of adult stem cells abound, but get little attention. Interest is in the use of embryonic stem cells in order to justify the destruction of embryonic human life. As the song goes, “When will they ever learn?”

Conservatives to Boycott Ford?

Poor old Ford Motors. They advertised their cars in some gay publications and got conservatives angry, then they remove those ads and made the gays angry. Now they’ve reinstate their ads in the gay publications and the conservatives are angry again and about to boycott them.

Ford’s human resources VP says he hopes now that any ambiguity about Ford’s desire to advertise to all important audiences is removed. Ford cars are Lincoln, Mazda, Mercury, Volvo, Aston Martin, Jaguar and the Land Rover.

Not an Exact Science

Scientists recently discovered that there were human beings living in the British Isles 200,000 years earlier than they thought. Ancient tools found in eastern England date back 700,000 years, which clashes with the long held theory that humans did not migrate north from the warm climates of the Mediterranean until half a million years ago. The discovery startled scientists.

There goes another scientific theory out the window, proving once again that science doesn’t have all the answers that it thinks it has after all. Kind of refreshing. Remember the famous Piltdown man, who was supposed to be the missing link but whose fossil turned out to be the jaw bone of a pig? Science is not an exact science.

O’Brien on “Big Momma” Trend

Terri O’Brien of WLS Radio bawls out single moms by choice in a recent Chicago Sun-Times commentary. In strongest terms she berates what she calls “Plan B”, the decision by single, affluent, professional women to have and raise children without husbands. The B stands for Babies.

She says they overlook the fact that it’s immoral, difficult and socially destructive to plan to have children without fathers. She sites a number of studies that show children of such Big Momma programs drop out of school at twice the rate of two-parent kids, are more likely to commit crimes, that girls are five times more likely to become teen moms, that child abuse is 14 times higher in a single Mom home and that if Big Momma decides to live with a boyfriend, child abuse becomes 33 times more likely than in a normal two parent home.

O’Brien says parenting is simply not a one-person job. But these women are so selfish they consider themselves too good for any man, and don’t care what is best for the child. O’Brien concludes that such a women should adopt a dog. It would be better for everyone.

O’Brien says it was radical feminism that imbued these women with a sense of entitlement to everything, including unconditional love, without compromise or empathy for the needs of others. But she says experience teaches us that children, unlike pets, aren’t necessarily great sources of worshipful affection once they get old enough to question the choices of adults.

Big Momma may have some painful repercussions from what O’Brien refers to as “this destructive fad.”

Chicago Sun-Times Covers Manger Scene

Monday’s Chicago Sun-Times Metro section features a story from the Daily Southtown by Dan Lavoie on the famous “God Squad” of Jim Finnegan and Terry Hodges who put up the Nativity Set every year in the Daley Center Plaza. Chicago Police Officer Harold Hanley and Businessman Richard Guzior are featured in the article with a two column photo of the manger scene.

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