League To Picket American Girl Place in U.S. Abortion Capital, NYC

Members of the League will be joining New York pro-lifers in a picket of the American Girl Place in New York City (map), Saturday, December 10.

Our past trips to the Big Apple have included pickets, protests, sit-ins, Truth Tours and sidewalk counseling, infiltration of pro-abortion rallies, and national press conferences, picketing the Democratic National Convention and holding a Meet the Abortion Providers conference. We’ve done Nightline and Montel Williams and Good Morning America live.

League To Picket NY American Girl Place

But this time we’ll be alerting New Yorkers to the betrayal of American Girl for its unholy alliance with pro-abortion Girls Inc.

We have received nearly a thousand e-mail responses from people who have joined our boycott. Comments show deep disappointment with American Girl for its blatant betrayal of its customers who believe in decency and traditional morality. They express regret and outrage that American Girl tricked them and their children into giving money to a pro-abortion organization. Many are broken hearted.

We hope American Girl will have the good judgment to cut off funding of Girls Inc., issue an apology and vow not to pull a trick like this again. Those mothers and grandmothers who don’t care if their daughters and granddaughters help support abortion have a big problem. But we are fighting for the thousands who do care, and who will not return to American Girl until they sever ties with Girls Inc.

We don’t know if this story will interest the New York media, so don’t strain your eyes watching the news Saturday night. But call Monday for a full report.

New York: Abortion Capital of the U.S.

As to New York, here’s a Life News Commentary just received by our office. New York City is the abortion capital of America. The state passed a liberal abortion law in l970, three years before Roe. It now has the highest abortion rate in the country, with 39 women out of every thousand having had an abortion, 7 out of 10 done in New York City.

They have 164,000 babies killed every year. New York has the most teen abortion, the most late-term abortions, and in parts of New York the ratio of abortions to live births is one to one. There are 34 abortion facilities in New York City alone.

Abortions are paid for with tax money, and there is no parent involvement, no informed consent, few pro-life legislators, no pro-life party. Nearly all Democrats are pro-abortion and many Republicans, like NYC Mayor Bloomberg and Gov. Pataki. Medical students have to learn to do abortions.

One clinic alone, the Margaret Sanger Center, does 11,000 abortion a year. Nearly half the killings in New York are paid for with Medicaid. Most abortionists militantly defend what they do, calling it lifesaving for women.

While New York pro-lifers are overwhelmed, heroes like Msgr. Philip Reilly, Chris Slattery, Fr. Frank Pavone, Jim Crockett, Fr. John Perricone, the folks at Christe Fideles, John Arena, Art O’Brien and others too numerous to mention, are the greats who persist tirelessly in fighting abortion despite the odds.

And they’ve been fighting longer than any of us. Once in a while we try to give them a hand. We’ll have a full report on the New York trip on Monday’s Action News.

Kennedy Upset with Alito

Meanwhile, Ted Kennedy is all upset with Judge Sam Alito and says the credibility gap is widening with each new piece of information released on his record. Ted says Sam bears an especially heavy burden at the hearings in January and must explain the discrepancies between his past actions and his current explanations, mostly on the hot button issue of abortion. Alito’s hearings begin January 9.

Plan B Madness

Four Illinois pharmacists have been suspended without pay for refusing to fill prescriptions for Plan B, the so-called emergency contraceptive which causes abortion. The law they are breaking was imposed on them by Gov. Rod Blagojevich who thinks he’s a King. At election time we hope he is deposed.

Meanwhile, some ladies are having fits because the Federal Drug Administration won’t release Plan B over the counter. Poor things.

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