Justices Ask “What Four Acts?”—But NOW Can’t Say

As reported on Wednesday‘s Action News Hotline all those present at the Supreme Court Wednesday are optimistic that when the NOW v. Scheidler ruling comes down we will be the winner—again.

Justices Question NOW’s “Four Acts”

As in the last hearings on this case in December 2003, some of the least likely justices asked some of the questions that were most damaging to our opposition. While we appreciated the searching questions of Chief Justice John Roberts and Antonin Scalia; we also had to hand it to Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and even John Paul Stevens, Briar, Souter and sometimes O’Connor.

Ginsburg brought up the mystery that has been plaguing us for the past four years—just what are the four predicate acts that took this case back to the high court? NOW’s lawyer, Erwin Chemerinsky, wasn’t about to answer that question, because he doesn’t have the answer.

No one has the answer. The four acts are a chimera, a fiction, smoke and mirrors They’re just a number, a mystery number, the number four. Yet this fiction has kept this case on the books all this time. We have to hand it to Judge Ginsburg for asking the question people have been asking us these past years: “What are the four predicate acts?” Ginsburg didn’t seem to like Chemerinsky’s evasive answer.

Also, it was good having the Solicitor General’s office fighting on our side this time. But much as I enjoy going to the Supreme Court every couple of years, and much as I kind of like being a convicted federal racketeer, I hope this is the last visit for a while.

Scheidler v. NOW does have the distinction of being the only case in the Court’s 200 year history that has required three hearings. They have to change their video that says no case in the court’s history has had more than two hearings.

Gay Marriage Comes to South Africa

Poor South Africa—another country about to go down the tubes along with Canada, the Netherlands, Belgium and Spain, where gay marriage is legal. South Africa’s Constitutional Court ruled unanimously that it is unconstitutional to deny homosexuals the right to marry. Unless Parliament amends the marriage laws within a year, the legal definition of marriage will be changed to include same-sex unions.

It boggles the mind to think anyone can stomach the concept of gay marriage. You don’t need to be a “homophobe” to see that gay marriage is taking society nowhere but down.

What’s a “Holiday Tree”?

What is a “Holiday Tree?” On Washington’s Birthday it would probably be a cherry tree. Maybe Abe Lincoln would get an apple tree—Abe liked apples. But a “holiday tree” at Christmas time is a Christmas tree, stupid.

Next time you see a sign for holiday trees tell the salesman you want a tree for Labor Day, and note how quickly he’ll tell you they’re selling only Christmas trees. Conservatives all over the country are fighting effort to remove Christmas from Christmas—no religious carols, no manger scenes, no “Merry Christmas,” the whole anti-religion shtick of the godless wonders and PC fanatics.

Jerry Farwell is marshaling 100 thousand Pastors to help keep “Merry Christmas” and Christmas religious songs from being banned, and is dealing with the anti-Christmas people like the American Civil Liberties Union and Americans United for Separation of Church and State. The battle is on this Christmas, and Christians are fighting back. Some people are boycotting stores that make their workers greet people with Happy Holiday. But it’s fun defending Christmas.

American Girl Protest Continues

Watch the news Saturday night for coverage of our Saturday 10 a.m. protest outside the American Girl Place on Chicago Avenue. In fact, come and join us if you call Action News early enough.

Inside information assures us that our boycott is working. Sales of American Girl Dolls are down considerably, and they are even having to cut some staff. Yet they’re still supporting Girls, Inc. with its abortion-lesbian programs. What a dumb move that was!

On Saturday, December 10, we will protest outside the American Girl Place in New York City. Call your friends out there tell them to join us.

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