Opposition Making the Case for Us against Girls Inc.

Have a great Thanksgiving weekend. Think of all the things you have to be thankful for and then give God a mighty “Thank You”—because there is hardly any sin greater than ingratitude.

Give Thanks

It apparently bothered Jesus a lot when he had cured ten lepers and only one came back to thank Him. He made a special point of this ingratitude. And try as we may, we can’t help but resent it when we’ve done something special for someone and it’s as though it didn’t happen. No response.

We don’t experience that often, but when we do it hurts. So thank God for just everything, even the trials that will make you and me better Christians.

I’ll start. Thanks, Lord, for NOW v. Scheidler and twenty years in court. Thanks for all the good lawyers, great supporters and valuable publicity it has brought. Now you do it.

Opponents Make Our Case against Girls Inc.

Speaking of gratitude, some folks don’t appreciate our efforts to protect their daughters from Girls Inc., if a bunch of letters to the editor in the November 28 Newsweek is any indication. Out of nine letters on the American Girl doll debate, seven condemn the protest and only two support it.

We don’t know if this is indicative of all letters received but is telling never-the-less. The two who support the protest make it clear that the unholy alliance is hurting the image of American Girl and they should have anticipated this before linking up with Girls Inc. Another shows the irony of buying a little a girl a doll to cuddle, and then support an organization that tells the little girl she can kill her real baby someday.

The angry anti-protest folks are strange indeed, accusing us of being “sure of ourselves,” not recognizing a woman’s right to choose and not loving gay rights. One writer compares us with the fanatics who flew planes into the Twin Towers, one is upset with evangelicals in general and is angry that we won’t let pro-aborts live peacefully, and one recommends that we develop our own line of dolls: single teenage-mothers. A real winner from California thinks it’s obscene not to support Girls, Inc., who merely deal with sexuality, pregnancy, contraception and sexual orientation, maters critical and relevant to girls.

We do want to thank all these nice people for making our point: Girls Inc. is all about contraception, abortion, promiscuity and gay rights. That’s what we want everyone to know, and every complainant tells our story for us.

Now, if you want little girls to be supporting our sex-crazed, promiscuous, homosexual, hedonistic, abortion-on-demand, perverted society, by all means empty your bank account buying lots of “I Can” bracelets that support Girls, Inc. But if you really think little girls can become more than tramps, and more than their own mothers expect of them, join our protest.

Meanwhile, if you’ve got a little time Friday morning, join us at 111 E. Chicago Ave. from 10 a.m. to Noon to march outside American Girl Place in Chicago. We have a few “Dads for Life” signs, but mostly there will be moms, grandmas and girls with their American Girl dolls, all holding signs and handing out flyers.

And despite objections from Barack Obama and Tom Sheridan, we’re convinced we’re doing the right, well thought through thing.

Remembering the Christmas Truce

The last survivor of the famous World War I “Christmas Truce” just died in London at the age of 109. Alfred Anderson remembered this famous truce when an eerie sound of silence fell on the battle field as the shooting stopped and soldiers from both sides climbed out of their trenches to greet one another on Dec. 25, 1914, in a spontaneous truce decided on by the soldiers themselves. It was in honor of Christmas.

Notice that it was not a Happy Holiday truce, or a Good Old Elves and Frosty the Snowman truce. The German soldiers sang Stile Nacht while English, French and Americans sang Silent Night and they all shared tobacco and rations and played ball.

Ninety years later it is still called “The Christmas Truce.” The ACLU and the People for the American Way must be having conniption fits.

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