Catholic New World’s Sheridan Just Doesn’t Get It

By now it’s no secret that there will be a major protest of American Girl Place at 111 East Chicago Avenue (map) on Friday, Nov. 25, at 10 a.m. The Friday following Thanksgiving is traditionally the biggest shopping day of the year, and there will be many Mothers taking their daughters to American Girl Place to buy dolls and that is why the Pro-Life Action League is selecting this day for a protest of American Girl for linking up with pro-abortion, pro-lesbian Girls Inc.

Pro-Life Girls To Picket American Girl

Only women and girls and their American Girl dolls will protest in front of American Girl Place. Gentlemen are invited to come and take flyers to pass out on Michigan Ave. For this first protest we want only the ladies and girls and loving signs. There will be another demonstration on Dec. 3 for everybody.

We expect opposition and that is good. When the crazies come out to counter-demonstrate it makes us look even better than we ordinarily do. They have ugly signs, represent what we are demonstrating against, and use foul language. It is not hard to figure out who is who.

New World‘s Sheridan Doesn’t Get It

Unfortunately, some people don’t seem to be able to figure out why we are opposed to a clean organization like American Girl, just because they have asked our little girls to help support an organization that supports abortion and perversion. They can’t make the connection, and it’s difficult to get them to understand that a little evil is a lot of evil, that half a truth is a whole lie, that funding an abortion supporter is supporting abortion, and that remaining silent is cowardly. Those who remain silent in the face of evil condone that evil.

For instance, it will be hard to convince even a good guy like Tom Sheridan, editor and general manager of the Catholic New World, that our Boycott of American Girl is not what he calls it: a “caricature,” a “noisy boycott,” “the wrong thing,” showing “ignorance about corporate America,” “not thought through,” “misguided,” casting “too wide a net,” making us “lose respect,” and raising “more questions than it solves.”

All that ranting against the League for protesting the fact that little girls are being conned into supporting a pro-abortion outfit. As Jim Finnegan says, “If you can’t say something nice about somebody, keep quiet.”

But we’re glad Mr. Sheridan aired his views, wrong as they are. It gives Ann a chance to explain to New World readers why we are boycotting American Girl. If the New World runs her letter, its readers will be informed and may join our noble and well thought out effort to sever the bond between American Girl and Girls, Inc.

Another story in the Nov 20 New World “Third Time the Charm” by Michelle Martin, concerns our Nov. 30 third trip to the U. S. Supreme Court. It is better than Sheridan’s column. Michelle Martin Contacted us, Sheridan didn’t and it shows.

Dennis Byrne and the DINKS

Chicago Tribune Columnist Denis Byrne has a good column on DINKS, couples with a “dual income” and “no kids.” Byrne doesn’t hate DINKS, but he is getting sick of some of their constant harping on how great it is to be childless, and how truly horrible children are.

He quotes DINKS bashing parents as “breeders,” while referring to children as parasites, things, brats, and worse, suggesting that instead of having children, they should get a cat or dog. Byrne says if they don’t care if the rest of us choose to have children, then lay off the nasty attacks. It makes them look small.

Byrne concludes that having children is a blessing and a great service to society and that raising them is a vastly more important work than planning a wine tasting party. Those who do a good job raising children deserve praise and nobody should have to explain why it is a heroic work.

Thanks Dennis, we breeders needed that.

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