Milwaukee Abortion Clinic CLOSED

The good news out of Milwaukee is that the infamous Summit abortion clinic on N. Water St. has closed its doors for good This is one of Susan Hill’s infamous abortion clinics in the chain that has been suing the League for nearly twenty years.

Milwaukee Abortion Clinic CLOSED

When NOW v. Scheidler was launched in 1986, the Women’s Health Organization (WHO) had a dozen abortion clinics across the country. The League led pickets at WHO clinics in North Carolina, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Delaware, Indiana, Florida, and Washington D. C., and now about half of them are closed.

Milwaukee’s clinic closings began with pickets assisted by Monica Miller in the mid-eighties, and continued under Rev. Matt Trewhella and his Missionaries to the Preborn. Trewhella, who conducts Truth Tours in nearly every town and city in Wisconsin, and has taken his tours to many other states, has been working out of Milwaukee since 1988.

We are grateful to Monica, Matt, and all those valiant pro-lifers who have helped close down six clinics in Milwaukee. There are only two clinics left.

Politically Connected Abortionist Avoids Scrutiny

Another clinic that should be closed down soon is George Tiller’s late term abortion clinic in Wichita, KS. Tiller has added yet another death to his tally. Christin A. Gilbert, 19, of Keller, TX died from neglect and illegal actions such as doing an abortion in a hotel room.

The Kansas State Board of Healing Arts, according to Mark Gietzen of the Kansas Coalition for Life, has taken no action against Tiller, who is a heavy supporter of the Governor who appoints the members of that board. It has all the earmarks of a blatant case of pay-offs to avoid criminal investigation into a death through negligence. Some day justice will prevail.

Watch “The Last Abortion Clinic”

To a certain extent justice is prevailing. Be sure to watch the PBS special Tuesday night at 8 called, “The Last Abortion Clinic.” It’s a Frontline documentary on the last remaining abortion clinic in the state of Mississippi.

While the documentary seemingly tries to be pro-abortion, it makes it clear that abortion is in big trouble not just in Mississippi, but all across the country. The conclusion is very upbeat, as an abortionists has to admit: “The assault on abortion rights is very clever. It’s very smart. And we are losing.”

Good Trib Article on Rachel’s Vineyard

The Religion section of Friday’s Chicago Sun-Times has a column by Kathleen Falsani trying to impose her mixed-up, meandering religious values on George Bush and his supporters. The Chicago Tribune has a religion column by Bonnie Miller Rubin explaining the work of Rachel’s Vineyard Ministries, which helps the victims of abortion.

While it’s tedious to work your way through Falsani’s random values shared with an atheist friend, Rubin handles the Rachael story well, showing the important work of Theresa Burke in helping post-abortive women who suffer from guilt, anger, shame and the pain of being spiritually adrift. Read the Rubin article. Skip Falsani.

Alito Hearing Begin in Early 2006

The Senate Judiciary Committee has set January 9, 2006 to begin hearings on Samuel Alito’s confirmation to the High Court. This is later than President George Bush wanted, but Sen. Arlan Specter and others say Alito has such an extensive judicial history that it will take the Senate at least two months to cover all the material.

Full Senate hearings should be held about January 18. Don’t worry about Alito. His 90-year old mother said, “Of course he’s against abortion.” That’s good enough for me.

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