Rosa Parks Is Should Be an Example to Pro-Lifers

Two years ago while visiting the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn MI Ann and I happened onto the Montgomery, AL bus that Rosa Parks was on when she decided not to move for a white man who wanted her seat.

Rosa Parks Shows What One Person Can Do

The protocol was to relinquish your seat if a white person got on the bus and there were no empty seats in the front. A black person had, by law, to move to the back of the bus.

Rosa simply stayed in her seat and wouldn’t relinquish her seat to the white man. She was polite but firm. And she was arrested, spent some time in jail and was fined $14. But she helped start something later called the civil rights movement.

Now blacks sit where they want, go to any restaurant, and have rights they only dreamed of back in 1955 when discrimination against them was rife, especially in the South. Her simple act of defiance of an unjust law, launched a year-long boycott of the Montgomery AL bus company and spread far and wide, making her a symbol of the entire civil rights movement.

Ann and I felt it a privilege to sit in the same bus where Rosa Parks simply said “No” to injustice. And even though her fight for equality may not be over, she did her part in gaining rights for her race.

Rosa died Monday at 92, after years of serving as a symbol of courage and determination. She was honored all over the world by popes and presidents, for keeping her seat in defiance of the law.

So often we hear the sing-song excuse, “I’m only one person. So was Rosa Parks, Mother Theresa, Pope John Paul II. And so are you. And so am I. That excuse doesn’t score.

So when you are invited to come out and join a Truth Tour, or a Picket of Lisa Madigan, or join a boycott of American Girl Dolls for their affiliation with a pro-abortion organization, please don’t say you’re only one person. Think, rather, of little bespecled Rosa Parks and say no to evil cabals and unjust laws like she did Such a little woman with such a lot of courage.

We need more Rosa Parks in the pro-life movement.

Scalia Debates Breyer

Antonin Scalia, the strict interpretation and original intent powerhouse on the Supreme Court, has been running around the country debating Justice Stephen Breyer, the ultra liberal “the Constitution means what I want it to mean” lawmaker, arguing the dangers and benefits of the Court being the law-making apparatus of the country.

Apparently their debate on judicial activism is opening some eyes to the danger of a court run society. The conclusion so far is that judicial activism is on the defensive. The American public is getting tired of it. We’d love to listen in on one of those debates.

Two bits of good news. Umbilical cord blood is proving to be far more useful for curing lots of medical problems than is use of embryonic stem cells. More to come. And religion is working its way back into the public square, with prayer groups, bible reading and religious time-outs in offices and factories and schools. People are not going to let the ACLU keep them from gathering to say a few words to God. By the way, how many divisions does the ACLU command?

Dealing with the Pro-Abort Media

As we have often said, the secular media is probably pro-life’s greatest enemy. For thirty-two years they have lied about the Supreme Court ruling, demeaned the movement to protect the unborn, mocked religion and promoted all that is most damaging to our culture. Yet they prosper and continue their war on orthodoxy and right living.

What can be done? That will be the topic of a future Action News with examples of what you, dear caller, can do, because we each have to do something.

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