RU-486 Is Killing American Women — FDA Slow To Act

If you read this Action News Hotline before 5:30 p.m. Monday, be sure to tune in ABC-TV’s World News Tonight segment on the effort to encourage American Girl Dolls to sever funding efforts for Girls, Inc, which is a pro-abortion, pro-contraception, pro-lesbian national organization.

Call American Girl Today

Several pro-life groups are working to convince the American Girl Dolls franchise owned by Mattel to end this unholy alliance for its own good. They should know that this link-up is harmful to their image, sends a very negative message about their own values, and could badly damage their business.

We hope they see that the break must come before Christmas, because more active groups, such as the Pro-Life Action League, will have to carry out a boycott and protests outside their American Girl Dolls stores in Chicago and New York. Ann Scheidler explains these matters on tonight’s program, or whenever ABC decides to air it.

Incidentally, here is the mission of American Girl, and it has nothing to do with encouraging contraception, abortion and lesbianism for our daughters and granddaughters: “The mission of American Girl Dolls is to educate and entertain girls with high-quality products and experiences that reinforce positive social and moral values.” Period.

How does that square with Girls, Inc. support of abortion, contraception and lesbianism? So call American Girl at 1-800-845-0005. Do it as soon as you finish reading this message. Do it before you get cold feet. We called. Ann got a hostile pro-abort type and I got a sweet pro-lifer.

RU-486 Still Killing Women

The family of a 21-year-old who died after taking the French abortion pill, RU-486, are suing the manufacturer, Danco Labs, Planned Parenthood of Orange County and the Population Council who fast tracked the lethal drug onto the market through the Food and Drug Administration. She had never been warned that the drug could cause death.

She is one of four California mothers who have died after taking RU-486 and Cytotec. The abortifacient drug was released under pro-abortion President Bill Clinton.

Two bills have been filed in Congress asking that FDA approval of this lethal drug be withdrawn. No action has been taken thus far.

Apparently a lot of women must die before the FDA and congress get the message. It isn’t nice to try to fool Mother Nature. It’s a game that sometimes leads to death.

U.N. Pushes Condoms on Uganda

In Uganda, where President. Museveni and his wife Janet promote abstinence-first in their war against AIDS and have successfully lowered the rate of AIDS, Stephen Lewis, the United Nations’ special envoy to Africa to deal with HIV and AIDS, is demanding that the emphasis on abstinence be removed in favor of condom use. He accuses President George Bush of encouraging use of “a dogma-driven policy that is fundamentally flawed and is doing damage to Africans.”

Lewis, who has a nephew and a cousin in the condom business, of course prefers that the condom market be expanded, not curtailed, by abstinence. So let lots of Africans die so long as his families’ businesses prosper. His bizarre inversion of truth threatens to do grievous harm to the one AIDS prevention approach that has actually worked.

Lewis and his wife Michele Landsberg are no new kids on the block. He is a former Canadian ambassador to the UN and his wife is a pro-abortion feminist activist.

Supreme Court Okays Inmate Abortion

Rumor is that the woman prisoner who wanted a government paid abortion in Kansas has been granted the request to murder her baby at government expense by the United States Supreme Court. The majority on that court never saw an abortion they didn’t like—for the past 32 years. It’s definitely a time for a drastic change.

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