Urge American Girl to Break Ties with Pro-Abortion Group!

Last November Ann took two of our granddaughters, Liza and Clare, to the American Girl Place on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile for high tea. They had their American Girl dolls with them and it must have been a pleasant site to see the five of them celebrating in the little tea room.

But a year later we go from high tea to betrayal.

Betrayal by American Girl Doll Company

Now American Girl has linked up with the pro-abortion Girls Incorporated. In a fundraising program selling “I Can” bracelets, 70% of the proceeds going to Girls Inc., plus a straight-out gift of $50,000 to the pro-abortion group from the doll company, owned by Mattel.

We have contacted all parties involved. American Girl knows that Girls Inc. not only supports abortion but contraception and the lesbian life style and is not supportive of abstinence-only programs. (More information here.

It is sad to think that within a year we go from a pleasant afternoon with grandchildren at American Girls Dolls, to having to stand outside the store with picket signs, handing out leaflets announcing a general boycott of that organization. You can be sure Liza and Clare will be there holding signs, most probably with their dolls in tow.

But before we must resort to the boycott and pickets of all the American Dolls stores, we ask you, dear pro-life activist, to contact American Girls President, Ellen L. Brothers:

  • Ellen L. Brothers, President
    American Girl
    8400 Fairway Place
    Middleton, WI 53562
  • Tel: 1-800-845-0005
    Fax: 608-828-4790
    E-Mail: ellen.brothers@americangirl.com

Be nice but firm. We don’t want to have to picket a doll house, but we will.

Warren Hern versus the Truth

Abortionist Warren Hern has put out a biography about what a wonderful abortionist he is, and you can get a clue to its truthfulness if you consider one section on your editor. Hern, of Boulder CO, writes:

In October, 1985, just prior to a visit by Chicago anti-abortion fanatic Joseph Scheidler, a large stone was thrown through the front window of Dr. Hern’s waiting room. Scheidler, a defrocked monk who heads the Chicago Pro-Life Action League was scheduled to speak at the University of Colorado and to demonstrate in front of the Boulder Abortion Clinic for several days. Author of Closed: 99 Ways to Close An Abortion Clinic, and advocate of anti-abortion harassment, he had stated several times on national television programs that he had “yet to shed a tear over the smoldering remains of an abortion clinic.” . . .

Three days after the stone came crashing through his window, and just prior to Mr. Scheidler’s unwelcome visit, Dr. Hern placed a large, hand-written sign over the plywood covering the broken window—”This window was broken by those who hate freedom.” The Sign was at Scheidler’s back as he met the press that afternoon in front of Dr. Hern’s office.

First of all, I am not a fanatic, just a gentle, loving, pro-life activist. I don’t harass, just try to educate. I am not a defrocked monk. When my three years of temporary vows ran out I left the order in good standing.

I never wrote a book called on how to “close an abortion clinic,” but rather, how to “stop abortion.” My organization is not the “Chicago Pro-Life Action League.” We’re national, not local. I didn’t say “smoldering remains of an abortion clinic,” but “brick and mortar, if nobody was hurt.”

And nobody ever found out who threw the boulder. It may have been a rival abortionist. Who knows? And who cares? And his hand lettered ply-wood sign was about as unprofessional as you could get, but the ugly sign stayed there for months and months.

For the next year or so after my visit, Hern blamed everything on me: sour stomach, headaches, wrong numbers. The guy went ballistic. But then, he does kill babies for a living and writes about it. His book tells where to cut off the arm and how to suck out the brains. Sick.

“Radical Like Joe Scheidler”

Nice note from Greg Cunningham of the Center for Bioethical Reform. One of his supporters said she likes his tactics: “You guys are radical! You’re just like Joe Scheidler and his group, and I love it!” Thanks, Greg, I needed that.

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