Media Is Willfully Blind to Plan B Dangers

Mark your calendar for Friday, October 7 from 7:30 to 8:30 PM for Solemn Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament and a Holy Hour for Life at Divine Infant Parish, 1601 Newcastle, in Westchester, IL. This hour of prayer and adoration will be accompanied by the Choir of Annunciation of the Mother of God Byzantine Catholic Parish.

The prayers will be offered to ask God’s grace and help in combating the culture of death. Deacon Jim Sinacore will lead the service which includes Scripture, the Litany of the Precious Blood, the Divine Mercy Chaplet and Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. Everyone is invited.

Bush To High Court: Reinstate PBA Ban

President George Bush is once again asking the U.S. Supreme Court to reinstate a national ban on Partial Birth Abortion. Laws in several states as well as a federal law signed By Bush to ban this violent form of child killing have all been overturned by the Supreme Court.

But this new effort, according to Jay Sekulo of the American Center for Law and Justice, is now a live controversy as the Supreme Court is changing with two Bush appointments in process.

Intelligent Design Is Smart

We are happy to see the Intelligent Design concept of how the universe got here and operates once here being proposed to combat the specious theory of evolution. At least it gets the evolution, big bang, and everything comes from nothing theorists furious, and at least that’s a good sign.

We think the evolutionists would be smart to abandon their man-from-ape theory. Can’t they see that if man comes from any animal it must be the penguin. Penguins have already learned to walk upright while apes still swing from trees, and Penguins are all dressed in formal wear. Have these evolutionists no logic? If you’re gong to be wrong, at least try to appear smart.

But anyone who is sure an expensive, perfect operating wrist watch could appear ticking away on a sandy beach, having evolved from sand and water over some millions of years, just by chance, has more faith than most of us can muster. I’m on Maria’s side: “Nothing comes from nothing. Nothing ever could.”

The evolutionists fear that if some kind of Intelligent Design is allowed into schools, Darwinism will soon be on the scrap heap. They’re letting the American Civil Liberty Union handle their case to make evolution science, and Intelligent Design religion.

Hinduism in Public School

And speaking of separation of Church and State, a fundamentalist Christian group in Raleigh, NC, is protesting the teaching of Hindu breathing and meditation techniques to quell stress, in a public school, by claiming this violates the separation of church and state. Hinduism IS a religion, after all. Good for them.

Press Blind to Plan B Dangers

The Chicago Sun-Times editors are happy to see Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Lester Crawford resign his job after just two months. They don’t like Crawford because he didn’t give rapid approval to the abortifacient drug Plan B to be sold to teenagers over the counter without a prescription. The Editors think these lethal pills should be sold like aspirin.

So what if FDA approval would lead to more STDs, more teen promiscuity, more physical and moral turpitude, more dead babies, more dead consciences and more teen suicides? What do they care about teens: to them teens are just rutting hogs, so let them destroy themselves. And these are the leaders our youth are supposed to learn from. Tragic.

Banquet Tickets Available

You can still get a ticket to the League’s 25th Anniversary Banquet this Sunday from 5:30 to 9 PM. You’ll wish you had attended when Monday rolls around. So call us at 773-777-2900.

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