Pro-Abortion Senators No Match for John Roberts

As we mentioned last week, one of the best blessings coming out of John Roberts Hearings is the chance to view the poor excuses for legislators like Joe Biden, Ted Kennedy, Dick Durbin, Pat Lahey, and our favorite, Charlie Schumer.

While making fools of themselves they have been discovered by even the liberal media. All of them wanted to force Roberts to show his hand, to say something they could use to destroy his confirmation. They all failed.

Novak: Pro-Abort Senators No Match for Roberts

Bob Novak in Monday’s Chicago Sun-Times, says Schumer is no match for Roberts. While trying to hide his frustration while questioning Roberts, Schumer realized he suffered a crushing defeat in trying to trip up Roberts and establish a new standard for confirmation hearings—to make the nominee take a broad policy position.

If this had been a fight, the referee would have stopped it. Schumer suffered a technical knockout. Future nominees will take a page from Roberts’ book.

Sen. Kennedy was totally ineffective in questioning Roberts, and Joe Biden blustered into incoherence, then railed against Roberts’ “calm.” Roberts won the day.

But Novak doesn’t think Roberts will get an overwhelming vote, since most democrats are required to vote against him for party unity. Still, Novak believes he should get eight Democrats and all Republicans for a total of 63 votes, which is enough.

Steyn: Embarrassing Drivel from Dems

Mark Steyn wishes the hearings would go on for months so every registered Democrat could be embarrassed at the sheer drivel exhibited by their party representatives. Schumer’s best evidence that Roberts was a racist is a statement Roberts made twenty-five years ago, when a memo he wrote referred to a Spanish American person as an “amigos.”

Steyn writes, “I yield to no one in my disdain for Schumer. If I’d been president I’d have declared his mouth a federal disaster area, and allocated $200 billion dollars so FEMA could parachute in a reconstruction team to restore his tongue to its previous level of toxicity.

But two days later the watery gush that had transformed Schumer into his own devastated wetland had still not dried up. Steyn says Schumer has the shifty air of a mob accountant.

Steyn cites Joe Biden’s, “I love ya’, buddy, but you’re not very candid.” Steyn thinks most Democrats will vote for Roberts to get some bipartisan credibility before they Bork Bush’s next nominee to the High Court.

Krauthammer: Hearings All about Abortion

Charles Krauthammer says the whole three-day hearings were about one thing: abortion, and where Roberts stands on abortion. That was the sum of Roberts’ inquisition.

Where do you stand on “privacy” meant where do you stand on abortion. Where do you stand on precedent meant where do you stand on Roe. Krauthammer doesn’t think they were very subtle.

Feinstein said if Roberts is anti-abortion, she can’t vote for him. Pro-abortion Krauthammer doesn’t think Roberts would try to reverse Roe, and that he won’t be a true conservative. We think he’s wrong. We suspect he is doing a little wishful thinking.

Roberts confirmation will be voted on by the Senate Committee Thursday, and then the full Senate. It’s the next two nominees we are most worried about.

Right to Protest Upheld

The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago has ruled that the City of Madison, WI failed to make its case against Ralph Ovadal who held a sign on a highway overpass. The three-judge panel said the court could not censor speech simply because they don’t think the public likes it. Speech can’t be banned simply because it might offend those who hear or see it.

Ralph Ovadal held a sign expressing his religious view on sodomy. Police said it upset some drivers and they might have a wreck while looking at it. The Appellate court said it’s the reckless drivers and not Ovadal the police should deal with, and not violate Ovadal’s constitutional rights by silencing his free speech.

We will have that ruling printed up to show over-active police on our Truth Tours.

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