New Study Confirms: Birth Safer than Abortion

Sit at our desk for a day and you’ll face some strange demands and odd suggestions—that you call off your fundraising efforts, be nicer to your abortion opponents, cancel your 25th Anniversary funder, not offer a free trip to Rome as a raffle prize, stop using graphic pictures of abortion, get more involved in capital punishment, shave off your beard—and why do you wear a hat?

No, it isn’t easy being Joe.

Birth Safer than Abortion, Study Finds

After years of lies saying that deaths from live births were higher than deaths from abortions, an international study by health experts shows that when all aspects of childbirth and abortion are considered it turns out that pro-life has been right along deaths from abortion are at least three times higher than deaths from childbirth. Glad to have that settled.

Pro-life professionals promoting this new finding are Walter Weber of the American Center for Law and Justice and Mark Crutcher of Life Dynamics. The National Institute of Health’s Centers for Disease Control has been issuing flawed findings based on shoddy and contrived studies manipulated to provide the stats desired by pro-abortion sources. Sound familiar?

Kevin Sherlock, writer and reporter specializing in public record research, says the Center for Disease Control mortality statistics are absolutely meaningless. His study of death certificates, autopsy reports and court records on malpractice claims confirms the CDC’s skewed findings. Even the pro-abortionists are backing off from their former claims that abortion is safer than giving birth. It’s about time.

A Consoling Thought

Planned Parenthood has put out a new cartoon video that features a “super hero for choice” who calls pro-life counselors and pickets “sleazy dudes,” mocks abstinence, throws pro-lifers in trash cans, fires condoms at pro-lifers to make them vanish, and throws a pro-life politicians in a boiling pot that makes him convert to pro-choice.

Concerning the silly cartoon, Jim Sedlak of Stop Planned Parenthood says the hatred and religious bigotry demonstrated by Planned Parenthood in this video are shocking and offensive, and Douglas Scott of Life Decisions International says it depicts prolifers as evil and stupid and sends the message to teens that it is acceptable to eliminate those who disagree with Planned Parenthoods libertine message.

When life becomes trying and bills pile up and you aren’t feeling so well, just reflect on this bright and consoling thought: you aren’t a member of Planned Parenthood. That ought to cheer up anyone with a soul.

Protest at St. Ignatius Sept. 22

Mark your calendar now for a very important protest on Thursday, September 22, at St. Ignatius College Prep, 1076 W. Roosevelt Road (map)
in Chicago starting at 5 p.m., to send a message to the St. Ignatius Women’s Council that it is against Catholic morality to honor a militant pro-abortion Catholic politician, especially one who pledged to shut down crisis pregnancy centers in exchange for votes.

She got the votes, but it is adding insult to injury to give her this honor. If you agree, join us to protest this outrage.

Register Now for Oct. 2 Gala!

If you plan to attend the League’s 25th Anniversary banquet October 2, make your reservations soon. Many pro-life greats will be there including Fr. Paul Marx, Father of the Pro-Life movement, Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests for Life, Fr. Thomas Euteneuer of Human Life International, Dr. Jack and Barbara Willke, pro-life lecturers and writers, Drew Mariani of Relevant Radio, Jerry Horn, Connant Marshner and on, and on. We’re also raffling a trip to Rome for two.

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