Pro-Aborts Couldn’t Care Less about Plan B Dangers

Ann and I were in Washington D.C. Monday and Tuesday to attending Senate hearings on Supreme Court nominee John Roberts. We had checked with the court before we left and were assured that the hearings would begin Tuesday.

Roberts Hearings Postponed

By the time we arrived in D.C. word was that Wednesday’s hearings were cancelled for the funeral of Justice William Rehnquist, but Tuesday was still on. By the time we reached our hotel word was that all hearings were off until Thursday. Later that daythey announced hearings were off until next week. So goes the Nation.

But we attended a vigil in front of the Supreme Court Monday Night and gave a talk on Rehnquist’s legacy. We gave another talk Tuesday Morning on bringing the nation back to its Christian moorings and return to morality.

We attended the wake of Justice Rehnquist at the Supreme Court, visited the Brothers Schenck, Paul and Rob, Mike Schwartz, Jack Ames, Fr. Peter West, and ran into old friends Troy Newman, Pat Mahoney, Jeff White and a myriad of other famous pro-life activist leaders who are working overtime to bring America back to sanity. We also visited the offices of the National Clergy Council on 2nd St. behind the Supreme Court building.

Right Call on Chief Appointment?

Not only was Justice Rehnquist’s death a surprise but Bush’s nomination of Roberts for Chief Justice came as a bombshell. Who would now be chosen to replace Sandra Day O’Connor since Roberts was replacing Rehnquist?

People wonder if Bush made the right decision, announcing his plan to have Roberts as Chief Justice. Many thought it would be better to get Roberts confirmed first, since there will be stronger opposition to his confirmation now.

Others think it wise to get Roberts right into the Chief’s chair through a single scrutiny and save time, leaving O’Connor on the bench for now but taking case assignments away from liberal interim Chief John Paul Stevens, who is to the left of Michael Moore.

The flaming Democrats insist that Bush announce O’Connor’s replacement before they vote on Roberts, but he probably won’t, nor does Bush have to. This time around Bush might well select a woman. There are several who would be just fine with conservatives. And the Democrats would be on the spot.

It was an eventful visit to DC despite the cancellation of the Roberts’ hearings. .

Plan B Dangers Mean Nothing to Pro-Aborts

A story in Tuesday’s Washington Post tries to convince us that Plan B, the emergency contraceptive, is safe. But what is safe about a chemical so strong it fakes pregnancy? What is safe about a drug that is given to a healthy woman just to make her sick?

The pro-aborts, who are used to getting their way with the Food and Drug Administration, can’t abide by the FDA’s recent decision to defer a ruling to allow over-the-counter sales of this so-called morning after pill. The FDA claims the drug which consists of high doses of the hormone progestin, has not been tested sufficiently and that there is no research done involving adolescents to show that it safe for them.

But what do the baby killers care about adolescents, or any woman, for that matter? What do they care if use of these pills leads to more venereal disease and more promiscuity. What do they care about Swedish studies that show an increase in STI’s among teenagers who use emergency contraceptives?

What do they care about the increase in blood clots in legs and lungs, breast cancer, liver tumors, endometrial cancer or tubal pregnancies? What do they care if an egg is fertalized and the pill makes it impossible for it to implant in the uterus, causing an abortion?

The answer to all these question is a resonding nothing. Let the guinea pig die so long as they’re taking our pills, they cry. They’re happy just so long as they’re doing something to frustrate life. What they really are is sick.

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