Pro-Abort Pols, Press Bash FDA for Delaying Plan B Decision

We’ll be in Washington DC Tuesday for Senate Confirmation Hearings on Judge John Roberts and will have a report on first day hearings on Wednesday.

Chapman on Vaporous “Privacy”

Steve Chapman’s Chicago Tribunecolumn Thursday discusses Roberts and the so-called right to privacy. As the pro-aborts tremble at the possible loss of this precious right nowhere mentioned in the Constitution, Chapman points out that all they care about is the kind of privacy that allows contraception and abortion.

Chapman says the right to privacy as used in Roe v. Wade was shoehorned into the abortion decision like ten pounds of potatoes being crammed into a five-pound bag. But Roberts once called this sacred cow a “so-called right to privacy,” and the pro-aborts fear that he might not think it really is a right.

Chapman thinks Roberts may see the right to privacy as merely a ploy by the Burger Court to force abortion on America back in 1973. He points out that Justice William O. Douglas discovered this right in the “penumbras formed by emanations from constitutional guarantees.” Chapman says if that sounds like pure vapor, that’s because it is.

Meanwhile, we think Chapman is wrong in his belief that the Court’s ugly decisions on gay rights, pornography, contraception and no prayer, are here to stay. We don’t think so.

Pro-Abort Bash FDA for Plan B Delay

You’ve probably heard that the Federal Drug Administration has decided to delay approval of selling the so called “morning after pill,” or “Plan B,” over the counter, without a prescription.

The FDA had promised a decision by Sept. 1, after more than two years of study, but FDA Commissioner Lester Crawford said that while the pill has been approved for women over 17, it would present a problem if it can be sold only by prescription for teens but over the counter for older women. So the FDA put it on hold indefinitely, until this quandary can be resolved.

Democrat pro-abortion Senators Hillary Clinton (NY) and Patty Murray (WA), are crying bloody murder. Never mind that this drug is an abortifacient and can be lethal for the woman taking it. Never mind that it is an invitation to promiscuity. Pro-abortion Democrats think American women have the morals of alley cats.

The FDA decision to delay prompted Assistant FDA Commissioner Susan Wood to quit. Good.

A disgusting editorial in Friday’s Chicago Sun-Times condemns the FDA decision and calls it cowardice. It says the FDA wimped out because of pro-life pressure. (See: it does work.) The editors also call FDA decision makers “gutless guys” and Plan B “safe and effective”; say it prevents pregnancy, when what it can abort a pregnancy; compare Plan B to aspirin and cigarettes; say it’s a mistake to call it an abortifacient; applaud Illinois Gov. Rob Blagojevich’s order forcing pharmacists here to violate their consciences; praise nut states that allow Plan B to be sold without a doctor’s approval; and say it would prevent abortions.

Brilliant, take an abortion pill to end a human life early, and you won’t have to abort later. Don’t you wonder sometimes how these people get to work in the morning? Trouble is, they don’t do their homework. This editorial is so loaded with errors it hurts to read it.

Our Silver Anniversary Party, Oct 2

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