Ad Flap Shows NARAL Is Its Own Worst Enemy

What were the powers at NARAL thinking when they put together a TV ad identifying Judge John Roberts with violence? We described the ad on Wednesday’s Newsline, featuring clinic bombing victim, Emily Lyons, and implied that Roberts argued a case that supported violence against abortion mills and personnel.

Pro-Aborts Are Their Own Worst Enemy

The ad was so false that even the Pennsylvania Annenberg Public Policy Center condemned it. So did Pennsylvania pro-abortion liberal Republican, Arlen Specter. He called the ad “blatantly untrue and unfair.” As chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, he will question Roberts next month. Specter said, “The NARAL advertisement is not helpful to the pro-choice cause which I support.”

NARAL President Nancy Keenan told Specter the debate over the ad had become a distraction from the serious discussion they had hoped to have with the American public, so she submitted to Specter’s urgings and withdrew the ad. Keenan said NARAL will replace it with one that examines Roberts’ record, including his advocacy for overturning Roe v. Wade and a statement that questions the right to privacy, and his arguments against using a federal civil rights law to protect women and doctors from pro-life blockades and intimidation.

NARAL had planned to show the old ad for two weeks, at a cost of half-a-million dollars. This blatant ploy to make it appear Roberts supports violence was stupid, and could help get Roberts confirmed. If NARAL had any credibility it dissolved when Sen. Arlen Specter called their ad “blatantly untrue and unfair.”

Baby killers are their own worst enemies: Their lawyers contradict themselves before the Supreme Court, clinic operators slip and call abortion “tragic,” their politicians say abortion is always a bad decision, their media moguls describe being haunted by ghosts, and NARAL runs blatantly false ads on national television. We don’t even have to work that hard: they’ll win the battle for us.

ECLA Votes on Sin

Poor Old ELCA, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. They are trying now in Orlando FL to decide if the disgusting sin of sodomy is compatible with ordination to the Lutheran Clergy.

Delegates to the national meeting are debating the no brainier. Some think a “yes” vote would damage the church. Others think they have to accept gay “married” ministers. They are talking compromise, accepting scripture that says sodomy is a grave sin, but still allowing the clergy make up their own minds.

David Glesne of Minneapolis says they would be granting exceptions to biblical, moral standards that have seen approval for 2,000 years, and Sara Gausmann of Pennsylvania says easing the rules would make it impossible for her to teach children to follow Christian sexual ethics. The smart delegates say the Christian approach would be to convert the homosexuals to chaste living.

It is sad when a church has to vote on which sins it wants its members to avoid and which sins they are allowed to commit. It’s easier not to have that option.

Pray for Paul Weyrich

We have received very disturbing news. Paul Weyrich has been a charismatic leader in the pro-life and conservative movement for over thirty years.

Weyrich was a leader in bringing religious activists into that movement. He founded the Heritage Foundation, the American Legislative Exchange Council, and the Council of National Policy, headed the Free Congress Foundation, helped start the Moral Majority and the Christian Coalition, co-published the Conservative Digest and was national chairman of Coalitions for America.

Paul is a Deacon in the Melkite Byzantine Catholic Church. He and his wife Joyce have five children and ten grandchildren. The Economist has called him “one of the conservative movement’s more vigorous thinkers,” and the National Journal placed him on their list of 150 Americans who made a real difference. His contribution to American politics is enormous.

Now Paul is in Georgetown Hospital in Washington, DC where he will have both of his legs amputated. He is battling for his life. Pray for Paul Weyrich.

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