Yes, Class, Life STILL Begins at Conception

Perhaps you’ve already seen the TV ad of a fire truck rushing out to a bombed and burning abortion mill, as a battered woman says, “I’ll never be the same.” She worked at the abortion mill and is a victim of the bombing. Then a picture of Judge John Roberts and a voice asking if a man who defended violence should be on the Supreme Court. Next is an urgent appeal for you, dear viewer, to write your Senator and tell him not to confirm Judge John Roberts for the U. S. Supreme Court.

NARAL Ad Lies about Roberts

Of course the ad is one big lie, but this ad is sponsored NARAL Pro-Choice America that supports the murder of innocent babies, so what can you expect? Judge Roberts defended pro-lifers who peacefully protested at an abortion mill and were charged with violating the Ku Klux Klan Act. Roberts argued that they were not guilty of violating that law, and the court agreed with him.

But NARAL and their abortion buddies are terrified that Roberts may be confirmed and someday side with conservative judges in an abortion case. They can’t have that! So they’re selling the big lie that just may fool someone who doesn’t know the truth.

Bill O’Reilly showed this ad on The O’Reilly Factor Tuesday night and challenged Gloria Feldt of Planned Parenthood to justify it. She couldn’t. The ad will do its dirty work for some, but it may also backfire when the truth comes out.

O’Reilly did us a favor by showing the disgusting ad and holding Gloria Feldt’s feet to the fire, while he insisted that the ad is a fraud. Gloria came off with singed feet.

Kansas Pro-Life Teens Visit League

Our office was honored by a visit Tuesday afternoon from sixteen young pro-lifers from Kansas who are visiting cities throughout the Midwest to pray and counsel at abortion mills. They were in Chicago and decided to visit the Pro-Life Action League offices to meet some activists and pray for our victory in the Supreme Court when we return there November 30.

They were a delightful group of young men and women and when I offered them refreshments at a near-by restaurant, they all declined. Why? They were keeping a “no sweets, no meats” fast during their entire tour of abortion clinics. What is this world coming to?

Life Still Begins at Conception

In the “When will they ever learn” column is the question of when members of the secular media will learn that life begins at fertilization—or what smart people call conception—and not some time later during a pregnancy. Over and over again we read that the morning after pill, Plan B, and emergency contraception does not destroy a human life.

Yet in the pill box itself you find a little sheet of paper with tiny print that tells the buyer what these pills do and it always says the pills either prevent ovulation, or fertilization of an egg, or prevents the egg from implanting in the uterus. That last one is an abortion.

Still the dumb-dumbs go on saying it’s smart to use abortifacient drugs and pills to prevent one from having an abortion. Go figure. They also say these pills that a healthy woman takes to make her sick, are extremely safe. They wish.

Not to mention that taking these pills frustrates natures plan and offends God, the Author of life. It is objectively a serious, that is “mortal” sin to offend God in a matter of grave importance like destroying or preventing human life. A sin this serious drives sanctifying grace from the soul of the sinner, and leaves that person in a dangerous spiritual state: the state of mortal sin that cuts off the relationship with God.

If the sinner dies in the state of unrepented mortal sin, the sinner will spend eternity in Hell. It’s that simple. Since few people these days will mention this aspect of artificial contraception, I will. It’s that important. I don’t want anyone to go to Hell.

But we still ask, “When will they ever learn ?” Never—unless someone tells them the truth.


In Beijing, China an artist grafted the head of a human fetus onto the body of a bird, saying he thought splicing these parts together would give them both another life. The “creation” was discovered in a Bern, Switzerland art museum, where a visitor filed a complaint. What next?

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