Abortion Crowd Is Getting Desperate—Pro-Life Winning

Members of the League attended the wake and funeral ceremonies for pro-life activist George Jones at the Jackson Lakeside Chapel Tuesday and the interment at Montrose Cemetery. At the graveside ceremony we joined Sr. Helen Rita Lane, new superior of the Daughters of St. Paul in Chicago, and Julie McCreevy of Helpers of God’s Precious Infants, to sing traditional Catholic Hymns. George was 72.

Abortion Crowd Getting Desperate

The August 8 issue of Newsweek Magazine features the desperation of the abortion crowd with the probable confirmation of John Roberts to the Supreme Court. It’s a five-page study entitled “Roe’s Army Reloads.” Here’s the lead: “They’ve been dreading this moment for decades. How the pro-choice movement is readying for Roberts—and navigating a critical political crossroads.”

The study has graphs and pie charts on the result of polls that find a slight majority of Americans think abortion should stay legal. The polls are skewed because the question is whether Roe should remain the law of the land without mentioning that Roe allows abortion throughout pregnancy, for frivolous reasons and that abortion is never necessary to save a woman’s life.

Many other polls show that large majorities oppose abortion in the last trimesters and on patients who have frivolous reasons. Roe allows both. People respond to the polls without knowing the basic facts about Roe.

Public Confused on Roe

This has been true for thirty-two years. Almost nobody understands the parameters of Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton. But never mind, the pro-aborts are happy with a poll based on ignorance. That way they get the answers they want.

But even with a misunderstanding of Roe, the figures are surprisingly close. Fifty-one percent consider themselves pro-choice and 42 per-cent consider themselves pro-life. But even with their skewed statistics the surveys show that pro-life support has been constantly growing, while pro-abortion supporters are dwindling and the pro-abort leaders can see the handwriting on the wall. Their days of control are numbered.

Bleak Future for Pro-Aborts

The trend is to pro-life among “the grays,” those who are not strongly committed to pro-life or pro-abortion. Even Democrat “grays” are moving toward pro-life. Some reasons: the pro-aborts support of grizzly procedures like partial birth abortion, their fight against reasonable parental notification bills, and that more sophisticated images of a growing fetus are now common.

Even Bill Clinton’s motto that abortion should be “safe, legal and rare” suggested that abortion is undesirable. Why make it rare if it is a non-issue? And their favorite mantra, “choice” isn’t playing well.

The pro-life motto, “life” is much more powerful than “choice,”and efforts by the abortion crowd to try to look more pro-life than the pro-lifers seem bound to fail, saying conservatives are really baby killers because they’re not strong environmentalists and it is bad asir that kills babies.

The article even suggests that pro-aborts want to decrease abortion through more use of abortifacient drugs, morning after pills and more birth control. Even they should see the irony of a suggestion that translates: “Kill them early so you won’t have to kill them later.” Dumb.

Newsweek admits that “the odds are bleak,” and that pro-aborts feel compelled to take a stand against Roberts. NARAL‘s Nancy Keenan says,” This is the swing vote. This is the one that shifts the court to the right.”

Of course it isn’t, with the make-up of the court still 5-4 pro-abortion, even if Roberts is confirmed and even if he votes pro-life. But it’s nice to know the baby-killers are scared and in a dither.

Hunter Gets One Thing Right

Jennifer Hunter who has a silly Chicago Sun-Times column called “Scribble,” is irate that she got mail from men responding to her boo-hoo column about daring to nominate a white male for the Supreme Court rather than a black or a woman. To make Hunter and her liberals happy Bush would have had to nominate a woman or a black.

She lashes out at the men, especially the one who sent her a photo of an aborted baby. She calls it ghoulish. At least she got that right, poor soul.

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