We Can Only Guess How Roberts Might Judge Roe

We doff our rain-soaked hat to the thirty pro-life activists who braved driving rains to counter-demonstrate Tuesday against NARAL Pro-Choice America’s pitiful Honk for Choice demonstration.

Mother Nature Rains on Pro-Aborts’ Parade

We carried huge pictures of Baby Choice and signs reading “Honk for Life,” to counter “Honk for Choice” signs and the mostly hand drawn posters of the abortionists. Some of our demonstrators stood in the driving rain throughout the demonstration while abortion demonstrators took cover.

Eventually both sides gathered in front of a bank entrance under cover and the demonstration continued with signs and chanting until security guards told all to leave the private property at 5:30. Pro-life participants agreed that it was a successful counter-demonstration with the abortion crowd outnumbered more than two to one.

It is significant that we just completed two weeks with dry, sunny weather for our Face the Truth Tour, but the one hour pro-aborts choose to demonstrate brings a downpour. You can’t fool Mother Nature.

Uncertainty over Roberts and Roe

But you can keep political pundits, editors of national news magazines, and the public at large confused and befuddled, and a person who is doing that effectively is Judge John Roberts, President George Bush’s nominee for the U. S. Supreme Court to replace Sandra Day O’Connor.

It is interesting to read the wide range of opinions and predictions concerning Roberts. Conservatives think he’s ok, except for some like Ann Coulter and Steve Peroutka. Militant pro-aborts like NOW and NARAL promise to fight his confirmation. Focus on the Family will work for his confirmation.

The cover story in the August 1 Newsweek entitled “Judging Roberts,” says He is a regular Catholic communicant at the Church of the Little Flower in Bethesda, MD. Roberts’ wife Jane belongs to an anti-abortion group called Feminists for Life.

Conservatives and liberal activists alike jumped to the conclusion that Roberts might be influenced by his spouse to vote to reverse Roe v. Wade. But that seems unlikely, say friends who know them both.

The other clue on Roberts’ leaning on Roe v. Wade is also misleading, that as deputy solicitor general in the Bush administration he signed a brief in Rust v. Sullivan declaring that Roe was wrongly decided, urging the high court to reverse it. The language was boilerplate, Newsweek says, representing the well-established Bush administration position, so it did not necessarily show Roberts’ own views.

And while Roberts probably does think Roe was wrongly decided, based as it is on a weak legal argument, the real question is whether Roberts can overcome his respect for precedent to vote to overturn Roe. That appears doubtful. A friend of Roberts, Doug Kmiec, thinks he will vote to uphold Roe, but allow states to restrict abortion in some cases.

And so it goes. Nobody really seems to know what Roberts will do and he isn’t likely to let us know ever during his confirmation hearings. And maybe that’s the way it should be.

But none of this alters pro-life activism programs at all. We believe abortion will not be stopped except by converting the American People to a respect for life. That is going to be a long hard process of education and prayer. It will be nice if Roberts helps overturn Roe, but there will still be abortion until Americans once again value all human life.

The main good we see in the debate over Roberts is its educational value, keeping abortion on the front burner and the front page. The longer it is there, the sooner its evil will be exposed as a national crime.

Two Who Attacked Truth Tour Go to Court

In Cook County Circuit Court Wednesday, three pro-life witnesses accused a pro-abort of trying to destroy one of our pro-life graphic signs and injuring a volunteer. He pled guilty to criminal damage to property and was sentenced to six months court supervision. Following his sentencing the man apologized to the staff member whose sign he had tried to destroy.

On Monday, “the Spitter” goes before the judge, with pro-life witnesses on hand to identify him. One of these days the pro-aborts are going to catch on.

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