Truth Tour Participants Receive Many Blessings

Despite idiocies such as Governor Rob Blagojevich inventing an executive order demanding that Illinois taxpayers pay ten-million-dollars for embryonic stem cell research, and wild speculation on the replacement of Sandra Day O’Connor for the Supreme Court, the issue top in our book is the current summer Face the Truth Tour winding down this weekend.

Blessings of the Truth Tour

I feel a deep sadness for all our callers who have never had or taken the opportunity to join us on a Truth Tour. It is the movement’s best kept secrets that the Face the Truth Tour is one of the greatest experiences you can have in this life.

There is a camaraderie, an esprit de corps that grows from being out on the streets and highways doing good and teaching the truth to unwary and sometimes angry people who need to know what is going on in our country.

There is an excitement, an exhilaration in winning converts and even a kind of excitement in defending your faith and the truth of the value of all human life when people reproach you irrationally, and there is joy in knowing that people will not be able to dismiss the issue of abortion after they have been exposed to these pictures and our explanation of why we must take these pictures to the streets of America, discuss abortion with the man on the street, explain our position with unbelievers and suffer mild persecution for Christ.

In the past two weeks we have been spit at, cursed and told to get a life so many times we can’t keep count. But we also:

  • helped a homeless woman get clothes and food for her children,
  • got three pro-aborts arrested for disorderly conduct,
  • showed our pictures to Mayor Richard Daley driving by,
  • reached over 750,000 drivers on the Kennedy Expressway,
  • gave information to CTA bus drivers,
  • got a police escort so one of our pickets could return to her car,
  • received thumbs up and thank yous from hundreds of people driving by,
  • had many passers-by join us holding signs, and
  • accepted donations of money and water at several sites.

We’ve been hosted by Dan Gura, Jerry Urbik, and the women of Holy Family Church in Rockford and at the end of the tour Ann and I will host the group at our home.

The stalwarts who have joined this Truth Tour can’t say enough positive about it, and we only wish more people in the area would give themselves a break and come out and join us. As the old saying goes, “Try it, you’ll like it.” Join the band of brothers.

Will Bush Pass the “Nomination Test”?

Only one thing about a Supreme Court nominee: This is the real test of George W. Bush. He must nominate a strong pro-lifer to replace O’Connor, and any Supreme Court vacancy that will occur. If he nominates a so-called moderate which means a pro-abortion, pro-gay candidate, it would be a disaster all around.

Eight of the ten judges appointed by Republican administrations since Roe have been pro-abortion, an outrageous fact. Had they been pro-life Roe would now be only a bad memory. Bush has a chance to rectify the horrible appointments of Reagan and Bush Sr. Will he? We believe he will.

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